One Autumnal Afternoon (as told by Frankie)

Hi everyone,

Today there is a special guest on my Mummy’s blog. It’s Frankie. You may of met me already, my mum is constantly taking pictures and videos of me #cringe. Anyhow I’m a labradoodle and I’m almost five months old. I know, I’m getting old. I thought it was about time that I wrote a post on here as this is what my Mummy gets up to when she’s not looking after me, or cuddling me, or giving me my dinner. I’m still not sure what a blog actually is, but I think for one day you should speak to me and not hear my Mum waffle about lipstick. Hmm tasty lipstick.

This is me being a good boy. 

I like going on walks, and I love walks with my Mummy and Daddy. We decided to go on a nice long walk the other day and it was really nice. Usually lots of people stop to stroke me, which I find weird. Hello personal space? I think Mummy finds it weird too as she usually looks at people like ‘get off my dog’ it was a blustery afternoon. A bit cold so thankfully I have a big furry coat * no I am not a teddy bear* to keep me warm. But my Mummy’s scarf looks pretty cosy too.

 I don’t know why she’s running..

 My dad is just as mad as my Mum. 

 I’m not too impressed by this. 

This is me looking cute. 

I had lots of fun with all the leaves and I even made some new friends with a cocker spaniel who kept chasing me. And a Labrador who wasn’t much bigger than me. You may of noticed I’m bigger than I was last time you saw me, I’m growing every day. I aim to be bigger than Mummy.. it won’t be long you know. Walkies will be fun then he he he.

Me rolling round in poo. He he 

I had a lovely walk and after rolling round in some poo…haha. I had to come home and have a shower and then once I’d dried off, I had a long afternoon nap. And so did Mummy. Nothing unusual there. So that was my walk. It was really fun and I really enjoyed it. So that’s my debut.. today Dizzybrunette3 is Dizzyfrankie3. Have a lovely Sunday. Woof x