The Cheryl Lipstick Collection

So you probably all know that I do love Cheryl. I’ve loved
her for a while now and her hair is still up there as #1 hair I would most like
to have, coming in second Kate Middleton and a newcomer at #3 is Nicole
Scherzinger. Anyway, Cheryl. I am a bit of a sucker for her, and I guess when
she puts her name on something, I want it too in the hope it might make me look
a little more like her? Sad I know. So we all know Cheryl is one of the faces
of L’oreal and over the past year or so, there’s been some Cheryl lipsticks
released that I *just* had to go and buy. I realised the other day I bought my
third Cheryl lipstick, so thought I would do a post about the three lip colours
that will have you getting your mojo back in no time.

First of all is the latest instalment in the Cheryl lipstick collection, the Collection Privee is a new range of nude lipsticks but for a range of skin tones! It’s a brilliant idea, as over the years, I have tried many nude lipstick’s that have just left me looking like I am auditioning for a role in the Adams Family. However this range has a nude lipstick for everyone, with all the L’oreal ambassador’s having their signature lipstick, you can match the one that suits you the most. Of course when I heard Cheryl had one, I did of course have to get it. It is pretty lucky that we have similar skin tones and hair colours. The nude itself is one of those, ‘your lips but better’ shades. Greige Glow is a slightly pinky nude that doesn’t wash me out, it’s just a natural shade that is perfect for day to day wear. I also have my eye on the Eva Longoria nude from the collection which has a peachy tone to it, I’m maybe thinking it could be a Shy Girl dupe on our hands. 

Greige Glow

Next is the charity lipstick that Cheryl launched with funds going to the Prince’s Trust. Red Passion is a bright red lipstick that is perfect for this time of year. I rarely bring this out to be honest as the colour slightly scares me but after seeing these photo’s I think I should wear it more. This color riche shade is still in stores, so you can still grab a Cheryl red if this looks like it’s up your street. You’re also raising money for charity, you can look and feel good with Red Passion.

Red Passion

Finally is the much coveted Plum Passion Color Riche lipstick, Cheryl fans went a bit crazy for it after seeing Cheryl wear a plum lip at Gary Barlow’s judges houses on last year’s Xfactor. Though I am still not 100% sure this is the same lipstick she wore, it was what L’oreal told us Cheryl wore. This lipstick, is probably the hardest to get hold of as it was a instant sell out. I find that this is the most difficult lipstick to work with out of the three. With it having a purple/pink undertone, it’s a little lighter than the usual plum lipstick offering’s but it can be a nightmare to apply. To get this on perfectly you need a lip brush, steady hand and lots of time. I didn’t use either of them for this post, so apologies if it’s a little messy.

Plum Passion

All the Color Riche lipsticks are mainly matte, they’re pigmented and the lasting power is pretty good. For a drugstore lipstick they are on the pricier scale, at £8.19 you’re not getting much change from a £10, but £8 isn’t bad for a lipstick that Cheryl also uses. So that’s the three Cheryl L’oreal lipsticks, do you own any of Cheryl’s offerings? Or is there any other celebrity endorsed lip colours you heart?