My new wonder hair spray..

Christmas party season is truely upon us, every weekend will now see us going to parties, drinks with friends and shin digs with colleagues. Of course when you’re off to a party, you like to get dressed up and what’s the one time of year you can go all out and go glam? Christmas time of course, it’s also the only time of year that glitter eyeliner is acceptable. Anyway, when I’m off out partying *doesn’t happen too often* I like to make sure that my hair is super big. We’re talking Cheryl Cole big and I tell you what I want it to last all night. I don’t want the volume doing a Cinderella and going home at midnight. No no. Anyway, with wanting  curls and volume to stay in place, I was in the market for a new hair spray. As much as L’oreal Elnett is like a old friend to me, it’s pretty darn pricey. Maybe I have just become a scrooge lately, but £6.99 for a hairspray can get a little pricey. I’m on a economy drive at the moment, with us booking a holiday to Orlando next easter. Mumma wants some Sephora action.

Wella Silvikrin Hair Spray

This is me demonstrating how to use hair spray. *thumbs up*

So let me tell you a story, be warned right now, this is going to be a rambley post. I haven’t ate tea yet and I can’t quite decide what I fancy so the longer this blog post takes the longer I have to decide. I really want a pizza, but that’s against my economy drive plan. Okay so my supervisor at work Gabby *waves hi Gabby, if you’re reading* her hair always looks good and the other day I noticed her curls had lasted from 9am and were still in tact come 3pm. That is crazy, had she topped them up during lunch? Or she had an amazing hair spray. When I asked her she said usually her hair doesn’t stay in place, but she’d been using a new spray. It was Wella’s Silvikrin hair spray or as Gabby called it ‘ the one in the green tube.’ I knew exactly which one it was as my Mum used to use it back in the day. It’s an old school hair spray, but it’s cheap, you usually get change from £3 and it does the job.

I decided to get the Maximum hold spray, and yes this spray does smell a bit strong and old lady ish, but you know what you usually find that with good hair sprays. I find that if you spray too much it can leave your hair a little sticky, but it does what I want. It keeps my hair curly all day, it helps to keep volume and styles just stay generally longer in my hair. And the best thing? It’s much kinder on my bank balance. Who said you’ve got to spend a fortune to have good hair?

P.s I still haven’t decided what I want for my tea.