The Christmas Party Outfit..

Last weekend saw my works Christmas do, and seeing as I am 22 going on 82 I do much prefer a night in than a night out, so when I do go out, I do like to have a new outfit. Now you all know that my day job is a personal shopper, it sounds glamorous but I tell you it’s not. I basically have to deal with awkward customers on a daily basis and I feel their awkwardness has rubbed off on me. I used to be able to pick a outfit like that, I think my graduation dress was the first one I tried on and I was like ‘yes I like it, let’s buy it.’ And that was that. These days though, it’s a different matter, I am Mrs. Fussy.

Dress: Topshop

Necklace: Kardashian Jewellery for Argos *

Bag: Primark

Shoes: River Island (old) 

I scoured the Internet and the shops and ended up ordering about 562 outfits, and now 561 need to be sent back. Brilliant. Anyway I ended up going for a dress from Topshop (quelle surprise) after it passed the most important tests. Did it cover my bum? Yes. Was it comfortable? Yes. Did I look marginally alright in it? Yes and the most important question. Could I eat lots of buffet in it? Yes. After those vigorous tests, it was a sure fire yes and I teamed with my chunky Kardashian chain necklace and then some old River Island heels I have. I really need to update my heel collection.

The Christmas party was a good laugh, and thankfully I could eat buffet in my dress and dance. I also behaved myself so I didn’t feel too rough on Monday morning! I just woke up feeling groggy and craving a KFC. So that was my Christmas party outfit, I’ve decided in future I will buy outfits when I see them rather than stressing myself out getting them last minute! What are you wearing to your Xmas parties?