Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

So when it comes to skincare items, I like to try them out for a while before blogging about them. I’ve had the situation of blogging about my new wonder skincare product and then for it not to work. It’s then looks at me like ‘Haha I got what I wanted, you blogged about me. Now I’m going to stop working. Mwahahah.’ Anyway, so you could say I’m a little cautious of making sure that I really, really like a product before popping it up on the old blog. However I realised that when you re purchase a skincare product, that’s when you know that you know it passes the ‘is it too soon to blog about test?’ So today I’m talking about Clinique’s Take The Day off Cleansing balm. You see I talk a lot about make up on here, why not talk about how I take it off?

                                                             Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

I first got into cleansing balms last year, you know when the Emma Hardie balm was everywhere. However at £34 a pot and it being continuously sold out everywhere, it was a bit of a challenge to A. find and to B. part with my cash. Then I heard about the Clinique balm, it’s cheaper at £21.00 for 125 ml and it’s unscented meaning it’s great for those with sensitive, break out prone skin. The balm itself is a thick consistency that reminds me a little of lard, hmm nice image there. Anyway you only need a little bit, mix it with a little water and then massage in to your face. You soon see your make up start to melt away, grab a flannel and rub off. I find that a little goes a long way, my first tub lasted me from August to November and that was using at least once a day. I would say though that it’s not amazing at taking off stubborn waterproof mascara, so sometimes you need to take a eye make up remover to your eyes before cleansing. 

All in all, though I am pretty impressed with this balm. It’s a nice simple, fuss free product which is what my skin likes. Now that I’ve been collecting links for this post, it seems this may be quite hard to get hold off too. But you can get it in store from Debenhams or John Lewis  Have you tried the cleansing balm? What did you think?