I Heart Mario

You needn’t worry. I am not about to declare my undying love for Mario Falcone. Although he is a bit of a hunk. Today I am talking about another Mario and no not Super Mario before you ask. I’m not the next Luigi. Mario Badescu *no me neither* is a skincare expert who’s skincare products have been pleasing the faces of A-list celebrities for decades. And to think I didn’t know anything about the products. After what seemed like a summer of bad skin, slight dramatisation there, but my skin was really bad. I felt like I needed to go in to Autumn with clearer skin and for that I needed a skincare over haul. After seeing a few posts about Mario Badescu skincare, I decided it sounded like the big guns I needed to ward off my pesky spots. After pressing confirm order on a sneaky Beauty Bay order *which is the best place to buy Mario Badescu from in the UK* I was muttering under my breath ‘be gone spots.’

I ordered a Acne Repair kit to start with, which included a Buffering lotion, Drying Lotion and the Drying Cream. I also added the Acne Facial cleanser to my order. I’d heard a lot about the Buffering Lotion and the Drying Lotion. With the likes of Kate, and Jenny singing the praises of these two products, I wanted in on these spot miracle workers. The Buffering lotion is a treatment speficially for the worst kind of spots. The under of the skin spots, the red angry cysts that usually pop up at that time of the month and seem to grow bigger and bigger. They always appear in painful places, your forehead, your chin, and they just appear like Mount Kilimanjaro on your face. With most treatments offering relief from whiteheads such as the Drying Lotion. The buffering lotion seemed a alternative to trying to get rid of those awful under of the skin spots. It wasn’t long before some spots popped up, a lovely under the skin spot reared it’s ugly head. I applied some of the lotion over the top of the spot before bed and by the next morning, it was smaller. It hadn’t disappeared but it was a heck of a lot smaller. Within three days it had gone, although the Buffering lotion * I just wrote the buggering lotion and I have just cracked myself up* isn’t a miracle worker, it does significantly reduce the size of red angry cysts. It is a mainly sulphur based solution which means the skin absorbs it super quickly and it goes right deep in to the skin, hence why it’s amazing for under the skin spots.

Next up is the drying lotion, a pink solution that is most effective on your everyday type of spot. The ugly whitehead. The drying lotion is quite peculiar it consists of Salicylic acid * an acid which is great for kicking the ass’s of spots* and Calamine *which soothes those spots* the solution is clear liquid with a pink solution. You get a cotton bud, you do not shake the bottle, dip in the bud to the pink solution and then apply to the spot. You let it dry and by the morning the spot has significantly reduced, usually all the gunk has been sucked out *hmm lovely* and you’re left with most of the time a smaller, scab. But the spot is smaller, which is what we wanted. Most of the time I usually get under the skin spots, or little tiny spots on my cheeks, which I find the Buffering Lotion works well with too. As part of my acne repair kit, I also got a drying cream which is almost clay based cream which smells quite peculiar. I can’t put my finger on the exact whiff, but there is a hint of curry. I know, I’m not exactly selling it am I? On paper this seemed the perfect product for me. It dries up the little bumps on oily skin, which is what I suffer from. The bumpy cheek syndrome I like to call it. However this product I could probably live without, as well as smelling a bit like Chicken Tikka Masala, I find that yes it does dry up those little spots, but you only need to use it now and then. Use too much and your skin will be as dry as the Sahara desert. I think the buffering lotion does just the same job but isn’t as drying.

Moving onto the acne facial cleanser, the real star of the show for me. So much I have just bought my second bottle of the stuff and we all know that is the real stamp of approval from beauty bloggers. The Acne Facial Cleanser has ingredients such as salicylic acid, Aloe Vera and Chamomile. It aims to prevent and heal acne. It’s deep cleansing and I really believe this is the product that has cleared up my skin. My skin has been a lot clearer lately and I feel this cleanser is the reason for it. I wash my face with it day and night and although it may seem like one of those industrial strength acne cleansers, it is very kind to the skin. My skin is never dry or dull, it is left clean, and a lot more clearer. I use it in conjunction with my clarisonic and it really is the perfect cleanser for acne/combination skin. If you have drier skin, then I would perhaps give this a miss as I feel it could be drying on more sensitive skin. But for me, I am loving it. Have I found my holy grail cleanser? Hmm maybe.

When purchasing my new bottle of the cleanser, I may of also picked up a new product, the Glycolic Gel is formulated with glycolic acid to help lighten acne scars and minimise blackheads. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and so far so good, but I will report back in a few weeks time after some proper testing. So I now have a new skincare favourite in my life, it’s nice to find a brand who seem to understand acne, and they’ve developed products that actually work. Oh yes. My skin is the clearest it has been in a long while. Whilst googling about Mario Badescu products I saw that Jennifer Aniston is a fan. Now if it’s good enough for Rachel from Friends…..