Say Hello To Michael..

I wanted to formally introduce you all to Michael. The new love of my life. Okay just kidding, it’s my new handbag. A very, very unexpected surprise on Christmas morning when Henry and Frankie, presented me with a Michael Kors Selma bag. The bag I had been dreaming of owning for a good 18 months. Ooh they’re sneaky aren’t they? And naughty for blowing the budget. Seeing as my first picture on Instagram of this bad boy, got the most likes I’ve ever had, I think you guys are going to get on.

Michael Kors Selma Bag

I have the chocolate brown with gold grommets edition, I love the brown and gold together as I think they look really sophisticated. It’s the perfect size too, not too big so I carry everything around with me short of the kitchen sink, but not too small either. It’s not too heavy so I won’t get Quasi Modo back at the end of the day, and well it’s quite easy on the eye isn’t it?

I’m still in shock that I actually own a MK Selma bag, I am very lucky, I think I’d better start thinking of amazing birthday presents for Henry now. I’m sure Michael, will be featuring in a lot more of my posts soon, but for now I just wanted you all to say hello.