Sharing The Love #4

I realised that I haven’t done a Share the love post yet in 2014. Okay well, considering we’re only almost two weeks in, I guess I can let myself off. Over the Christmas period, I had a couple of days to just chill out and relax and I went on a mission to find some new blogs to top up my bloglovin’ feed. I may of also found a couple of new youtuber’s too that I have been loving.

 First of all I’m going to start with two girls that if you don’t know about, you should. Laura and Sarah are two of my closest blogging friends, they crack me up most days and well they both have amazing blogs. Sarah is your girl when it comes to fashion, and well one of her latest posts about Rocky Road cakes, had me almost drooling on the keyboard. *Ahem lovely* Laura is a beauty enthusiast like myself and she’s just announced she’s about to be a Mummy She’s going to be doing pregnancy vlogs too, so check out her youtube channel aswell! . Lots of exciting times ahead for Laura and her baby Belle 🙂

Okay so now onto some newer blogs that I’ve been loving lately,

Bonjour Luce is a blog I have been following for a little while, but I love Luce’s photography and she’s currently reviewed a bevy of luxury products that have been on my wish list, aka the Oribe texturising spray and Nars Creamy Concealer.

Jennypurr is another blog I have been following for a couple of months, I fell in love with her photography, it’s always amazing and she has the same skin type as me so her skincare recommendations are on point for me.

The Girl in the Tartan Scarf, is a relatively new addition to my bloglovin list, Chantelle is a girl after my own heart, we seem to share beauty and fashion style and well she loves tartan scarves too. What more could you want?

Lipstick with Some Sunshine, omg let’s just talk about how pretty this blog is? Again a new gem I have recently found and I’ve wondered why I haven’t been reading it for many more months. A new favourite I’m sure 🙂

A Day in Beauty, is a blog that I have been loving for a while, I love the photographs and the set up of products. Emma Louise features a variety of products to suit every beauty lover.

Raspberry and Red, is a blog written by Weronika, not only have I fallen in love with her blog, but her youtube channel too! She is gorgeous and has amazing fashion sense. She’s already been bookmarked!

Beauty Fufilled, Kaushal has started making youtube videos again and I couldn’t be happier, she loves a glowy complexion just as much as me, and has amazing make up taste.

In The Frow, I’ve been following Victoria’s blog for sometime now, and only realised the other day she had youtube! I’ve been catching up like crazy ever since 🙂

So there is some new favourites of mine blogging and youtube wise, let me know your favourite’s as I always love finding new people to read/watch 🙂