The One Sale Buy.

Even though I am a bit of a shopaholic. Okay a bit is a understatement. But basically even though I love to shop, I am a not a fan of sales. Okay so that may sound weird, but my idea of hell is a messy, busy shop with clothes all over the floor from two years ago that shops are trying to flog. However the January sales are usually the sales I get most excited about, the shops seem to have decent things in their sale not from 2002. And the beauty sales are always amazing, reduced gift sets. Er hello! However this year, I realised as soon as Christmas was over, I was hit that we were going to Orlando very soon, well Easter to be precise, but I suddenly panicked..Where am I going to get the money to buy my hefty USA shopping list? I had to forgo the sales and become a bit more savvy. I was closing my eyes whilst walking past sales signs and hastily clicking off blogs when they recommended beauty sales buys.

I thought I was almost out the water when I made mistake of going into Topshop.I went in with good intentions, to get a fresh new pair of black Leigh jeans. My six month ritual for when they’ve faded and look a bit shabby. But I may of got distracted by this powder pink cropped jumper in the sale rail. Reduced to £18 from £36 and then with 10% staff discount. I couldn’t not pick it up. I very almost made it through sale season without spending, but I suppose it was only a matter of time before I gave in. (I’ve just checked and the jumper isn’t on Topshop’s website, but check your local store :))

Also Zara who are one of my favourite store’s but annoy me with their sales. (£10 off a £80 jacket is not a decent reduction Zara) But they’ve slashed all their prices, and added new stock to the sale. Without warning, when I was just browsing through the website, I almost had heart palpation’s when I saw the polka dot peter pan collar dress, I have been lusting after go into the sale for just £15.99. I managed to pick up a XS which I’m now worrying I won’t get into.. I did have a few too many Quality Street’s over Christmas. So check out Zara if you are allowing yourself to sale spend. Right now all this talk of shopping has made me want to go shopping. I need a cold shower.