An ode to Batiste dry shampoo

‘ I looked into my mirror in despair, 

oh heck I said,

there is so much grease in my hair, 

after hitting snooze in bed, 

I had just ten minutes to spare 

Just what would I do? 

I scanned my room, 

then I saw a can of Batitse, phew, 

let’s hope this greasy hair will be gone soon

With a quick spray, 

and out came a spritz of grey, 

my hair all of a sudden looked fresh, 

Batiste you really are the best

Not only did my hair look clean, 

but my hair was as big as Cheryl Cole’s,

this can of Batiste really is a dream

I have to say I am sold.

Oh Batiste you have saved many a bad hair day, 

and for that I would like to say,

Thank you, you are a babe.’