Hickory’s Chester: The Best Sunday Brunch Ever?

So a couple of weeks ago, my not so little sister Hayley turned 18. Instead of the usual boozy knee’s up that comes with turning 18, Hayley wanted to have a girly day out. And all good girly days out start with a darn good breakfast right? Okay so I may of made that up, but a good breakfast is a good start to any day. A day of shopping was to be spent in Chester, which isn’t too far away from where we live. Hayley wanted to kick start a day of shopping *to fuel our energy for carrying all those bags, obviously* with a trip to Hickory’s. Hickory’s if you’ve never been there before is a smokehouse, a authentic American barbecue restaurant. With two restaurants in Chester and West Kirby, they’re a little bit of a hidden secret.

 Just a teaser…more about these later..

 Bucks Fizz anyone? 

 The bar.. 

Cosy booths

Not only do they do amazing ribs and pulled pork. We went there for dinner for my 21st Birthday and well, their BBQ sauce is just ah-mazing. But they also do ruddy good breakfast’s. As soon as we arrived out of the blustery wind and torrential rain, we were welcomed with complimentary bucks fizz. My mum had emailed Hickory’s about it being Hayley’s 18th, so it was a really unexpected special touch. Then we headed to our table, a booth overlooking the river, where the table was decorated with balloons and a pig with “Happy 18th Birthday” written on it. I probably should point out, it was a chalkboard pig, not a Babe pig running round saying ‘OINK’.

 Happy Birthday Hayley! 

Then it was on to the best bit, what to order. Whilst we were deliberating we were brought warm popcorn in a paper bag to munch on and prepare our appetite’s.

Drinks were ordered first, myself and Hayley went for a chocolate milkshake. Hayley opted for a Oreo version, but mine was just plain chocolate. It was the thickest, gloopiest milkshake I’ve ever drunk. Wowwee.

Then we ordered food, Mum and I went for pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, Hayley went for pancakes, blueberry compote and cream. We hardly waited at all, before the mountains of pancakes arrived.


Six thick American pancakes, about six rashers of bacon and a pot of maple syrup, this was a feast. It was amazing, so sweet but salty too from the bacon. I could eat it all again right now, I’m getting hungry just thinking about these pancakes.

After feeling very full, and almost having to undo the button on my jeans, we left Hickory’s, Hayley felt very special that everyone had made such a fuss out of her, and well we left just feeling very full of amazing pancakes!

If you’re ever in Chester or West Kirby and want to go somewhere for breakfast, I’d totally recommend Hickory’s, but I’d also go there for dinner too. If you’re a meat fan, you need to try the ribs. To die for.