Models Own: Hyper Gel Collection

I have a love/hate relationships with sales. On the one hand, I love finding a good bargain, on the other hand though, I hate the mess, the fact that shops pull clothes from two years ago out and expect us to not notice. But one sale, I always love is the Models Own 50% sale. It happens, once sometimes twice a year, when models own reach a certain amount of likes on Facebook. Luckily this year’s sale coincided with the release of Models Own newest line : the Hyper Gel collection. Boasting long lasting wear, and a  gel like finish that leaves your nails looking like you’ve just been for a manicure, I was sold. Then when the sale came round, all that for £2.50 a bottle? It would be rude not to.

I ordered five shades, White Light *my obsession with white nails continues*, Lilac Sheen *could this be the lilac polish that I finally fall in love with?*, Naked Glow *because I can never resist a nude. *Nude polish that is, get your mind out the gutter*, Cornflower Gleam * a purpley, blue that is perfect for spring* and Pink Veneer * a baby pink, because having 297 already isn’t enough.* These arrived so fast, like within a couple of days which really impressed me. I don’t like waiting so this pleased my impatient-ness. The colours are just as pretty as I was expecting. With the colours on the top of the bottle, it also makes picking them out when rooting around your collection, that little easier too!

When it came to applying, they didn’t disappoint here either. Super opaque, one coat is more than enough. But I always feel a bit strange if I don’t apply two coats, it’s like going out with your bra on and no pants. Two coats later, you are left with glossy, colourful nails. I found that they did take a little while to dry as they do have quite a thick consistency. However with some Seche Vite applied, they dried quicker, but not as quick as usual nail polish.

So maybe I put too much hope on these polishes, and up till now everything exceeded my expectations. But then we get to the longevity of these polishes. I did expect that seeing as these are meant to be compared to gel polishes, that they would be quite long lasting. I found that just after one day, half a nail would chip off, and after a couple of days, a whole nail would peel off. Within three days, I was left with 7 out of 10 nails badly chipped. I realise that this may of been because I’d layered the coats quite thick, but when trying another colour and just one coat, the same happened 🙁

All in all, i would say, that the colours of these polishes are lovely, and the finish is great too. Glossy and opaque, it’s all you want in a nail polish, but if you’re a little lazy like me and don’t want to be painting your nails every couple of days, then maybe give these a miss.