The Budget Friendly Toner for Oily Skin..

If you have oily skin like myself, you’ll know just how hard it is to find a toner that doesn’t leave your bank balance weeping. I feel that toners can be a bit overlooked, some people ask, ‘do I really need a toner?’ My answer is always yes! I find toner to be one of my favourite parts of my skincare routine, and I’m always looking out for the perfect toner. After a long search, I found the Ren Clarifying toner to be a bit of a winner. Yes it smells a bit like farts, but it cleared my congested skin, helped to keep breakouts at bay and even minimised the look of my pores. But at £18.00 for 150ml and when using it twice a day, I found I was going through a bottle about every six weeks. My bank balance was turning red and steam was coming out of it’s ears. I needed to find a cheaper alternative.

Enter Lush’s Tea Tree Water. Lush is a shop that I have neglected on the high street. Yes I always visit there come Christmas time so I can buy my nearest and dearest the famous bath bombs as stocking fillers, but their skincare? I didn’t have a scooby’s where to start. I’d seen a lot of talk about the Tea Tree water on other blogs and it sounded perfect for what I was after. The prices appealed to me too, 100g for £3.95 and 250g for £7.50. With ingredients such as Tea Tree and grapefruit which are naturally anti bacterial and astringent they are perfect ingredients for spot prone, congested, oily skin. I don’t think this is a miracle worker but I have enjoyed using it. The toner helps to refresh my skin and I haven’t noticed a difference from swapping my £18 Ren toner to this budget Lush one. I liked it so much that as soon as my small bottle ran out, I went and bought the bigger bottle which is practically the same size as my head. It comes in a spray bottle, if you’re feeling brave, spray it straight on your face but be warned it is a violent spritz. I much prefer to spray some onto a cotton wool pad.

So right now my skin is happy (yay) and so is my bank balance (yay) the toner also made me want delve deeper into Lush skincare, and I have another product lined up that too is perfect for those on a budget with troublesome skin. Watch this space.