A naughty Ren Skincare Haul

My skin is more like a toddler than a teenager. By that I mean, it has tantrums, it throws it’s toys out of the pram but when it’s good, oh it’s a little angel. Okay so that may all sound a bit weird and to be honest that did all sound better in my head. But hear me out. It’s no secret that I struggle with my skin and recently I have been at breaking point with it. It’s been super oily but then also dry, making my make up look all cakey. I’ve been breaking out here there and everywhere and well my blackheads have got darker and multiplied by 1873 thousand. Okay so my skin has been pretty gross recently, which has meant that I thought it was time to try and up my skincare routine. After finding a 20% discount code for Ren, who are probably my favourite skincare brand, I couldn’t resist and purchased some of my favourites and a couple of new things too.

I’ve run out of my Clinique take the day off balm, and to be honest I just couldn’t justify spending £20 on it again, so I got the Hot Cloth Cleanser from Ren, I’ve never tried it before but I thought well if it’s as good as the other Ren products I’ve tried, I may be in luck. So far so good, it takes all my make up off and no crazy breakouts (touch wood) but I’ll keep you updated, also only one pump takes off all my make up so hopefully, it’ll last me a long time. Next I bought my all time favourite cleanser, the Clearcalm Clay Cleanser, it neutralises the skin, brings out impurities and helps to control breakouts and oil. I find this cleanser always calms breakouts, and also helps to prevent them. This is my fourth bottle of the stuff and I swear by it, if you have oily/breakout prone skin, you need this in your life.

I also got a new clay mask, the Invisible Pores Detox Mask is perfect for helping to clear out blackheads, which is what I need right now. Laura, told me a trick of using the Glycolactic mask and then the Invisible Pores Detox mask to help to eradicate blackheads, something I’ll be trying in my next pamper session. Buh bye blackheads. Finally I bought my favourite ever toner, as much as I love the Lush tea Tree toner, it’s not as powerful as the Clarimatte clarifying toning lotion, this always helps to clear congested skin and helps to prevent breakouts. Also with a new fancy name change, the price has also lowered to £12. Happy days.

So far I am loving my Ren skincare haul, hopefully now my skin will start to behave a little more, now that it’s got a little Ren goodness back in it’s life! What’s your favourite Ren product?