The Video: February Favourites

So February? That went by quick didn’t it? I’m not quite sure where it went, but February just seemed to be day after day of rain. So let’s hope that March brings some early Spring weather. February though was a good month for me trying new products, skincare and make up, I had lots of new options to play with and some of those have this month’s favourite list. From oil battling moisturisers, to a green face mask that makes you look like Kermit the Frog. It’s all here in Feb’s faves and I think it’s one of the first favourites videos that is under ten minutes long. I can’t of been in the mood for waffling that day, how unusual.

March is now set to be a exciting month, with me starting my new job in the last week of February, I am excited for March and to see myself get stuck in with my new role. I also can now say, that next month we are going to Orlando! OMG. So March is hopefully going to be a frugal month as I need to save my monies so I have some to spend in Sephora and the Micheal Kors outlet stores in Orlando! So I hope you like the video, and had a great February. Let me know your favourite February product.