Barry M Gelly High Shine Spring Colours

When Henry was helping me open this parcel, he reached these new spring polishes from Barry M’s gelly range and said ‘Oh these are going to be up your street!’ And well he was right, he knows me too well. Pastel nail polishes are probably my favourite type of nail polishes, even back in January when everyone was adorning their nails with dark deep colours, I was reaching for the pastels. So now that Spring is officially here, I have been making sure that everything is pastel coloured. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Barry M have released three new Spring colours to their Gelly High Shine collection. We all went crazy for the Gelly range last year, and well why wouldn’t we? Shiny, opaque, hard wearing and only £3.99? I soon added about five to my collection.

However if you liked last year’s collection, you’re going to love the Spring collection even more. I mean just look at those colours? I could cry they’re so pretty. Okay soz, getting a bit weird now. In the collection we have a baby pink Rose hip, which you could say is very, very similar to Essie’s Fiji but not as much as a bitch to apply. Next is Huckleberry, a light baby blue, and then finally Sugar Apple, which in my eyes is the perfect mint green/blue. I have been searching for the perfect minty green for about two years. Whilst Essie’s Mint Candy Apple gets pretty close, Sugar Apple (hmm close names eh?) just pips it to the post, with a hint of aqua this is a slightly brighter mint green, but one that would probably flatter all skin tones. It’s my favourite in the collection, and I have a feeling that my other nail polishes may get jealous as this will be all that’s on my nails throughout Spring. After wearing these for a good two weeks, I can tell you that with a topcoat these polishes are also pretty good when it comes to chipping, you can last a good three days without chipping! However you do need time and a steady hand for applying these polishes, applying a matte top coat in between coats helps for a smooth application. (Thank you Katie for that tip..) Hoorah, pretty and hard wearing? Barry, you’ve captured my heart with these new Gelly colours.