Guest Post: Kiko Haul by Zoebowx

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. I am Zoe and i write the blog and sit in front of a camera and talk to people about makeup at Today I am delighted to be writing a post for Corrie whilst she’s jetting of on holiday. Jealous is the biggest understatement right now. 

I was recently in London and was on Regent Street and wandered past Kiko. I am fortunate enough to live only 30 -40 minutes outside of London, so I can get up there easily, but I hate paying for the train fares; ‘why you so expensive train fares??!?!’ Two things: when you wander past a makeup store, its rude not to enter and secondly, to not buy anything is even worse. If you haven’t heard of Kiko then fear not, as it is a relatively new brand to the UK. It is an Italian brand and the products are amazing! The best thing about this is that the products are all luxury standard, but at drugstore prices. How can anyone say no to that?!? Certainly not me. Like I said, it would have been rude for me not to buy anything, so I took advantage and bought a few to many brown/bronze eye products.

First of lets start with the primer. I am a lover of primers and think they look amazing on others, but on me, they never seem to actually make my foundation stay any longer, if not makes it stay shorter then it normally would. I suffer from rosy red cheeks and its not something I’m fond of. No one wants to look like you’ve gone OTT with the blusher. I am up for anything that’s going to help hide the redness and this seems like a good place to start. It seems like a good product so far and does an average job at hiding the redness. Its not blown me away so far, but I will keep using it and try different foundations with it as that may be help. I think the packaging is so chic and feels so nice as well. The primer was £9.90 which I personally think is bloody amazing, as most colour correcting primers are so expensive and not many of the drugstore brands do one, apart from L’oreal.

This brush caught my eye on the website when i was having a sneaky browse and i was intrigued. I love big fat dense kabuki esq brushes, so of course I just needed this one. It’s not like I don’t have any, oh wait…. The packaging of the brush, I think is quite ugly, but then I’m not using the handle to apply to product, so it technically doesn’t matter, but it would look better in black. I’m so fussy I know. I used this with a powder and it literally makes my face look like a airbrushed goddess. My face is actually not a goddess of faces. This was the most expensive at £16.90, but its one of my new favourite brushes already!

I have always been fascinated with pigments, but never owned any. They literally made me so happy and could easily keep me amused for hours. I’m easily pleased. I also really want to just pour all the product out and put it everywhere, but I shall resist the temptation. I’m not actually that weird, I promise. I swatched this on the back of my hand and it’s the prettiest bronze colour ever. I am a neutrals fanatic and just want every product that’s bronze or brown. Really pushing out my limits. This pot was £5.90. Yes, you heard me right. I know, amazing, let me buy some more. They do have a fluro coral one, but i would just stare at it and be amazed. I got the shade 12 Cocoa.

The next product is eye base and a recommendation on behalf of Lily Pebbles. She mentioned this in one of her latest videos and I was sold. I love my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze and I’ve nearly run out, so of course I needed to try an alternative and after hearing Lily rave about this, it just jumped in my hand. I got the shade snappy brass and I am in love. I swatched this on my hand and after it had set, I’m not even kidding you, it wasn’t going to move anywhere. I literally tried to scrub it of and it wasn’t moving and I even struggled with makeup wipe to get it off. The fact I have no arm muscles, may not help, but still it wasn’t going to budge. It’s the most gorgeous champagne bronzy colour and I think it would be perfect for everyday use, but work quickly otherwise, it may look patchy and un-blended. This beauty was £7.90. I know, amazing. I think these are limited edition, so if you are near a Kiko store, do check this out!

Next up is another recommendation from Barbara from the Persian Babe on youtube. I was watching her latest haul and just had to pick up a water shadow. I think it says what is does in the name, but they are beautiful eyeshadows that are designed to be used with water, but can also be used without water. I got the most beautiful light gold 208 shimmery colour . Its absolutely amazing. I tried this out with water and oh my goodness, its so pigmented and creamy and just amazing, there are literally no words for it. The price of it was £8.90 which is so reasonable for an eyeshadow which i think is so unique and it won’t seal a specific area and its also 3D which is so cool! 

Finally the colour sphere eyeshadow. I got mine in a bronze surprised and its the most amazing chocolate brown colour. The name of the colour is actually 05 Spicy Chocolate Special FX that’s one hell of a name. Again, these are super pigmented and just amazing. This eyeshadow can also be used wet or dry, but have only tried it dry so far! They have such a wide range of colours in all of their products, but these were just the ones that grabbed my attention. Zoe, don’t fear colour.  This eyeshadow was £5.90 and you get 1.8g of product. 

I can not wait to go back and buy some more as so far, I am seriously impressed with the products and brushes! I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ve got close ups of them on my latest youtube video as well, so hope you can check that out! Thank you so much to Corrie for having me and hope she is enjoying her holiday! Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely week!

Zoe xxx