Guest Post: Spring Nails by Knickers and Nail Polish

Today my guest post is by Sarah over at Knickers and Nail Polish

Spring times, the suns shining more, flowers are blooming
all over the place and the world is becoming colourful again, so for me it’s
time to turn up the colour on the nails.

Every year, spring means pastel colours, mint greens and
baby pinks. So I’ve had a dig through my collection and pulled out my top 5
high street colours for spring.

1) Rimmel Orange Bliss – First up, Orange. One of the
colours of the season, I’ve seen people wearing it on lips, eyes and even on
the tips of their hair so it’s perfect for nails. Orange Bliss is a true
orange, bright and vivid, its perfect for pepping up your nails, plus it will
carry though until summer as well.

2) Barry M Lychee – Next we have Lychee from Barry M. Not
everyone can get away with wearing bright colours, but this is perfect as its
work appropriate and it looks awesome.  A
lovely nude-beige, I’m sure all skin tones could rock it.

3) Models Own Strawberry Tart – Now I’m not a pink person,
but there is something about pink in spring that is a must. Strawberry Tart is
the perfect baby pink, soft and sweet; it really is a colour that you can just
throw on easily. As an extra bonus, this one also smells amazing, who doesn’t
love the smell of strawberries!

4) SEVENTEEN Supreme Shine Miami – From baby pink to hot
pink. I know it’s not a pastel colour, but this one’s for the toes. I love bright
colours on my toes in the spring as it’s a nice pop of colour with sandals and
flip flops. Miami is an amazing hot pink, plus its super shiny and looks great.

5) Essie Turquoise & Caicos – finally, this is my
favourite of the lot. Everyone raves about Essie’s Mint Candy Apple but for me it’s
Turquoise & Caicos. A gorgeous, crystal clear sea blue colour, this is my
go to colour for spring and summer.

So there it is my top 5 colours for spring nails, all on the
high street and well worth investing in.

Which ones would you pick? Xx