Homeware Steal

So maybe the title of this post isn’t the best. Don’t worry, I’m not going to confess that I am in fact a homeware thief. I’d make a terrible shoplifter anyways, I’m not the fastest runner. So with the misleading title out of the way, today’s post is all about a little bargain I got whilst doing my weekly food shop. I was in Sainsbury’s (all by myself I add, which I’d never done before and let me tell you, food shopping alone of a Saturday afternoon is terrifying) and I do love the home stuff in Sainbury’s. Some weeks it’s full of gems, including baby pink milkshake glasses, and the next week there’s not a lot.

I thought I’d come on a not a lot week, but just as I was about to head down the bread aisle (with my eyes closed I hastily add) and I spotted this vintage looking bottle, that I fell in love with.. Not only is it very pretty, but it was only £1.80! Amazing. It was hastily added to my trolley. I then came home and added an Ikea flower and voila. My new accessory for my blogging room, all for under a fiver! I love finding cute bits for the home that don’t break the budget, I also love Ikea, The Range & Dunelm. Am I missing anywhere out? Hit me up, if there’s somewhere else I should be looking for cute things? But just don’t tell Henry, he says I already fill the house up with too much sh*t. Men!