My New Favourite Base: Bourjois CC Cream

So last year we had the rise of the BB cream, and now it seems it’s time for the CC cream. If I’m honest the whole, BB, CC thing goes totally over my head. But if you’re like me and you’ve been avoiding all capital lettered products. Hold the phone. I have one that may change your very mind and that one is Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream. With three colour correcting pigments, it helps to even out your skin tone and add radiance. The colours are apricot for anti fatigue, green for anti redness and white for anti dark spots. It’s also oil free and has a SPF of 15. So all in all, it’s supposed to change your skin from drab to fab. Needless to say I was intrigued.

After using this for a good few weeks, I can honestly say this is my new favourite base. You know my YSL touche eclat foundation? Yeah that’s been shunned. With the CC cream, first of all the colour is quite a good match for me, there is only four shades which is a bit rubbish, but I have light beige which is a pretty good match for me. I have found that the colour pigments help to eradicate any redness my skin may have, and it adds a glow too. Having oily skin, I do have to use a good primer and of course powder, but after this I don’t have to powder for the rest of the day, and in my eyes that’s pretty darn good. Of course if you’re not into that whole dewy look, then you may have to powder a little more but for me just in the morning is fine. I’d say the coverage is low/medium, as you can see in the picture, you can still see blemishes and marks, but with a good concealer everything is hidden away. I also have the CC 123 Perfect eye concealer, which is also a good little concealer. I find it to be illuminating on dark circles and has medium coverage, I do have to use another concealer with it as I do have pretty pesky dark eye circles. It is a nice product though, it’s similar to YSL’s touch eclat but not as brightening. 

All in all, I find this to be a nice base, it’s lighter than a regular foundation and that I like. The colour is good for me and I love the radiant dewy glow that it leaves me with. So Bourjois have hit the nail on the head again with another stellar foundation. I really do think they are the foundation royalty of the drugstore.