Barry M Gelly’s Summer 2014 Collection

Now that I’ve been away on my holiday this year, I am pretty much staying in the holiday mood by still wearing summery clothes, and adorning my nails with bright colours, even though the weather in the UK is grey and drizzly. I’ve ditched the tights, *hey I’ve got a tan to show off* so I just need that sun to get into the same summery mood and then we’ll be on the same page. Till the UK finally gets the sunny weather we all want, I’ve been painting my nails in an assortment of bright colours to you know, will it on. This week, a new bevy of summer nail polishes came into my collection, and I’m pretty sure you’re all going to love them as much as I do.

So we all know of my love for the Barry M Gelly collection? I’ve only just stopped wearing the pastel Spring collection, so I was overjoyed *and obviously don’t get out enough* to see that Barry M have released their Summer 2014 collection. Barry is obviously in the summer holiday mood as well. There are seven new shades as part of the Summer collection, and there really is a shade for everyone. Brights, pastels and nudes. What more could you want? So let’s start with the colours then; the brights are Pink Punch, a bright barbie almost neon pink, Damson, a primary bright cobalt inky blue. It reminds me of limited edition Essie Butler Please and Kiwi, a bright spring green. But not too green so you look like you have bogey nails, but a nice fresh girly green. The pastel collection, are Elderberry, a pastel cornflower blue (possibly my favourite of the collection) and Olive, which basically says what it is on the bottle. A olive green. I imagine this will look amaze with a tan and will even be a good Autumn polish. Finally the nudes and neutrals: Almond, a mauve nude that is a little lilac in some lights, think a greigey white. Okay sorry I’m crap at describing colours. And Coconut, a creamy white colour. A little less harsh than the stark tip ex white.

The formula’s are glossy, opaque and last a good couple of days with no chipping. The best thing of all is the price. £3.99 a pop? Hmm yes please. The new summer collection will be launched in Superdrug on 7th May, and in Boots from 14th May. What’s your favourite shade? I’m stuck between Elderberry and Coconut! *insert heart eyed emoji*