Little Things

I want to try and mix up my blog a little more. Although DB will always predominately be a beauty blog, I want to throw other aspects in every now and then. I thought I’d start doing posts now and then about little things I am currently loving. It could be random things, it could be my current favourite TV show, or even just some things in my house. Sometimes I feel it’s hard to get to know the blogger behind the blog, and hopefully little posts like this will let you see a little insight into my interests and what not.

I’m super happy with my little living room decor section at the moment, thanks to a recent trip to Ikea. I love these coral coloured Tulips (faux btw) and this milk bottle inspired vase. They add a little colour to the room 🙂 

My new iPhone 5s and my Victoria Secret phone case. I had to take out a new phone contract last week and went for the 5s. I have to say I’m in love, it’s so clear, the cameras amazing and the gold makes me feel like Kayne West. I picked up this VS phone case whilst in Orlando, after falling in love with after seeing Becky post about it and I love the colours. It’s so girly and I’m so glad I had the idea to pick up one for the 5s whilst I was there. 

This Pomegranate and White Fig Flamingo Candle* is my current favourite candle at the moment. It doesn’t really give out a strong scent, but look at it, it doesn’t need to when it’s this pretty.

New stationary from Ikea. I love the stationary bit at Ikea, their wrapping paper is amazing. I found this cute little notebook and fell in love with the pink paper. I think I’ll probably end up using this for work, but I just couldn’t resist. I feel like instead of being a magpie and attracted to gold, its with pink for me. 

Lately I have been digging out my Gossip Girl box sets and re watching old seasons. I still don’t understand how the actual gossip girl is gossip girl (don’t want to give away any spoilers) but I still ruddy love it. I like to pretend I’m Blair, and swoon over Chuck. 

I couldn’t not include Frankie now could I? I found this picture on my phone of him from when he was a little pup. It made me almost cry at the cuteness! Frankie is now almost 11 months old (!) and is a fair size bigger now. I actually looked at him the other day and thought ‘you’re a giant!’ Thankfully even though he is getting bigger, he is still a big baby and loves nothing more than cuddles with his Mum. Well that’s what I tell him he loves. 😉 

These are some current things I am loving, I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be back with more loves soon 🙂 Hope you’re all having a smashing bank holiday weekend 🙂