My American Haul

Sadly I was more excited about the shopping in Orlando than I probably was about anything else. Last time we visited, we didn’t get a chance to go to a mall, and it’s something I kicked myself over. Being the shopaholic that I am, and now that personal shopping isn’t my job anymore. I actually now enjoy shopping and I was intending go big or go home when it came to hitting the malls. Now it may seem like I spent loads, but I did save for like six months before going, and I didn’t want to just spend willy nilly. I don’t know why I feel like I need to justify my spending, but hey y’know.

We did three types of shopping, we first of all went to the drugstores. Walgreens was just down the road from our hotel and I’d been to drugstores before but this walgreens was pretty phenomenal. Okay so you’re all going to think I’m this crazy lady, but no joke it was paradise for me. I mean I can spend hours in Boots and I’m in there all the time. The make up aisles was like memorising and then all the body products? Woweee. I bought a body spray that smells of cotton candy. COTTON CANDY!  I may of whispered to Henry ‘is it wrong that I find this place more magical than Disneyworld?’ Take from that what you will.

I didn’t go too crazy in the drugstore however, I bought a lip crayon from Revlon in Charm which I remember being a bit of a craze back in 2012, two years behind as always. It’s a peachy nude *quell surprise* and it’s quite nice. I also got a Covergirl mascara which you kind of just have to buy when you’re in the US, it’s okay and I managed to pick up brown in my frenzied rush. I’d always been like ‘how could you ever pick up brown mascara by mistake?’ Karma obviously came and bit me on the bottom. The star of the show is this L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow, yes we have them over here, but we don’t have Bronzed Taupe. A glittery, shimmery bronze colour which is just so up my street. I heart it. I did go crazy in the sweet aisle, you’d think I’d never seen M&M’s before. I picked up pretzel flavour, cause I’m crazy about pretzels, peanut butter, cause I’m crazy about peanut butter and birthday cake, cause I was just really intrigued. I also picked up mint flavour for some presents, just why don’t we have these flavours? REGULAR PEANUT IS SO BORING. I also picked up this Nutella and go thing, remember those choco dippers you used to get back in the day? I was allowed one if I was good but there was never enough chocolate so your last biscuit stick was usually dry? Well it’s like that with Nutella, blow me down with a feather, whoever invented these needs a medal. I love nutella and they give you so much, like a 1/4 of a tub. Oooft I was in heaven. I may of brought back a pack for my sister, but I can’t promise she’ll actually receive them. Soz hayley.

We went to the premium outlet village, and I was so excited about Kate Spade but I didn’t get anything. Sad face. But I did go crazy for Bath and Body works where I bought 5 hand sanitisers. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with hand sanitisers, I’m a germophobe so getting five in all these fancy flavours knocked my socks off. My favourite one is one for stress relief. I’ll let you know if it works.

We went to Florida Mall for the real shopping. I couldn’t believe how big it was and I mean I’ve been to some big shopping centres back home. We ate at Five Guys which was amazing, though I ate so much I had to have a sit down after. Haha such a greedy beggar. I bought a MacBook Air which was something I have been deliberating over for SO long. But when I saw the price difference I had to get it, it was my big treat for finally getting a new job! I also may of got a Micheal Kors Sleeve, which wasn’t that expensive, I needed to make sure my MacBook was protected after all didn’t i? I didn’t buy too much else part from my new beloved Victoria Secret phone case, I may of copied Becky, and after seeing hers, couldn’t get it out of my head. And then I bought a hoodie from Pink. The rest of my purchases were presents part from a stop at Sephora.

I didn’t buy any high end make up, as I felt i didn’t need/want anything, but I did get some of the Sephora X nail polish as I’d heard it’s good. I also got some freeze dry spray, cause it intrigued me and I hate waiting for my nails to dry.

Finally my obsession for white teeth continued as I bought those cult white strips, hopefully they’ll work and they won’t cause me too much sensitivity. I’ll keep you updated though on that one! So that was my holiday haul, can you believe my case was 5kg heavier than when we went out? I blame the copious amount of M&M’s 😉