One Direction ‘That Moment’

Hello, my name’s Corrie. I’m 22 years of age, in fact 22 3/4 and I love One Direction. Okay so yes, I probably should know better when it comes to my boy band obsession, but seeing as I don’t really do anything else young, I let myself have an obsession with the five boys. Now you wouldn’t really put 1D hand in hand with perfume, but I guess those boys aren’t just pretty faces. I did catch a whiff of their first fragrance ‘Our Moment’ and I did used to sneakily spray it every time I walked past it at my old workplace. But I never got round to actually owning it, considering how nice I thought ‘Our Moment’ smelt, I was intrigued to smell the boys newest perfume release, ‘That Moment’*.

Now I’m going to be honest with you guys, first of all, I am so rubbish at describing perfume. This is why I rarely ever do perfume reviews, as all I can say is ‘errr it smells nice.’ But I’m going to try better with this review. First of all this perfume is obviously targeted at a younger market, a market much younger than myself. But the actual perfume is quite nice, it’s very fruity and floral, but isn’t too heavy. It also doesn’t smell cheap, or too intense it gives you a headache. I’d say it’s very similar to the Marc Jacobs perfume range, which I am a big fan of. This is very similar to Oh Lola! The actual description is that the perfume has splashes of ‘fresh fruit, seasonal flowers, and an undertone of musk.’ Key notes (is that right?) are green apple *my favourite apple to eat coincidentally, me and the boys are so in tune* fresh cucumber * i also like to eat this* peony and violet flowers, and even a cheeky bit of cedar wood. The result is a rather nice scent, I can see myself wearing this most days, and you would never ever guess it a celebrity perfume.

The packaging is again quite young, a pink bottle with a faux diamond encrusted crown type top. I kind of love it, but I know it’s not for everyone. Of course there’s the box with the boys looking all mean and moody, personally I think they should smile considering they’ve made quite a nice perfume. So my overall thoughts? This is a surprisingly good celebrity perfume, I can see myself wearing this most days and this isn’t just cause it’s by One Direction. Even if you don’t like 1D and if is this is you, we can’t be friends anymore, go give it a sniff, cause it may surprise you. My final thought, is when did Liam become so good looking?