The Current Base: Benefit Big Easy BB Cream & Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

As soon as April swings around, I start ditching the tights and the heavy foundations. This year has been no different and I have been trying out some lighter bases to help with the very slightly warmer weather we’ve been having recently. Of course with my holiday to Orlando as well, my lighter base quest was even stronger this April. I’ve had two favourites lately, one oldie from my collection and a new one. Benefit’s Big Easy BB cream has been the real star of the show lately, it’s something that I’ve been using for a good six weeks now. BB creams and tinted moisturisers are usually something that oily skinned girls try to shy away from, well unless your armed with powder. But the Benefit version is perfect for oily skinned girls as it provides a matte base, that actually lasts.

So much so that when I was out in Orlando, in 28+ degree heat, I’d only needed powder once a day! Now that to me is pretty good going. It feels super light too. The coverage is medium so you still need a good concealer and the shade range is good too. I am shade 3 when I’m a pale gail, shade 4 most of the time and then 5 now I have a tan. It’s a now must have in my collection, and I can’t get enough. However it can be a bit too matte for sometimes just lazy day make up, so I’ve been turning to my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. Which is quite dark and something I can only get away with once I’ve come back off a holiday. This is much lighter and dewier meaning that I do have to powder a lot more when using this.

However these two have been rotated in my collection and are the perfect spring/summer light base transitions. Have you tried either of these two or instead let me know your favourite light bases.