The impatient girl manicure: Bourjois Magic Polish Remover & Instant Dry

I love wearing nail polish. I just hate the process of putting it on. The whole removing nail polish, then the whole filing, and then the waiting for it dry. Pur lease. I always end up fidgeting which leaves me with a smudged nail and me grumbling at myself. I recently saw a meme going round Instagram which said ‘the only time a woman is powerless is when she’s waiting for her nails to dry.’ Amen to that. Now my nails seem to take about 65 years to dry, I usually paint them before bed, and I always end up with a bed smudge somewhere.Will I ever learn? No. But if I do them downstairs, I’ll probably get a labradoodle smudge.

I’ll tell you what I also loathe, taking off my nail polish. First of all cotton wool gives me the heebie jeebies and don’t get me started on glitter nail polish. Removing that is a worse chore than doing the washing up. Now thankfully Bourjois must of telepathically been hearing my rants, as they’ve brought out two new products to keep my grumbles at bay. They’ve released a new Magic Polish Remover, which I loved back in the day, but never re purchased. Why Corrie why? But thankfully this new version is back and wait for it, not only does it remove paint from your fingers but also your toes. Woah I know. There’s a secret sponge in the lid for tootsies, meaning that both finger and toe polish removal is a walk in the park. It takes about 5 seconds for each nail, and I’m sure you all know the drill on how this works. It’s a god send, I tell ya.

Moving onto Instant Dry, my new favourite top coat. This formula has a dropper, which is similar to the Jessica Quick Dry polish which I also loved. In fact they’re very similar formula’s. They’re more of an oil than a polish. You drop one/two drops on to your nails and the formula just disappears, it has nourishing oils for your cuticles and your polish dries in like less than 60 seconds. It’s a weird formula but it works. Which means that I can get fidgeting sooner and don’t run the risk of any smudged nails. So thank you Bourjois, you have saved me from my nail grumbles. Now if you could just invent a little robot to file my nails and paint them, you may be my forever favourite beauty brand.