How I Got My Hair To Be Shiny Again : OGX Hair Products

My hair after using the ORX Argan Oil and Shea Butter range 🙂 

After having my hair lightened and then ten days away abroad, my hair was screaming for some attention when I got home. Feeling lifeless, dull and dry, I was a bit panicked and wanted to add some much needed moisture as soon as I could. First of all after applying a semi permanent hair dye and showing my hair some TLC with some new products, it’s thankfully feeling a lot softer and smoother than what it did. Product wise, I introduced a new shampoo and conditioner that thankfully has worked wonders on my hair which was feeling very sorry for itself, and these products are from the OGX hair range. You’ll off seen them in Boots, as they have quite an unique shape bottle. I’ve got the Argan Oil and Shea Butter*, which is a non greasy formula which adds hydration to your hair. I sometimes find that shampoos like this can leave your hair looking so greasy that you could fry chips on them. Thankfully these don’t leave you with greasy hair. I am left with shiny, soft hair, a great contrast to my post holiday hair. Thank the lord for that. My only gripe? I wish the bottles were bigger. Can we also talk about the funky shape of the bottle? They look so cool in the bathroom, not that the look of the bottle matters mind you.

After being suitably being impressed with the shampoo and conditioner, I am now after the oil cause surely that’s got to be just as good! So if you’re looking for some moisture for your summer frazzled hair, look no further than OGX 🙂 and well the bottles are funky so just buy them for that.