Let’s Talk Brows.

Have you ever seen that meme that says ‘don’t let anyone with bad brows, tell you shit about life’? Well I have and it makes me feel a bit bad, because not all of us are blessed with being good at eyebrows. Let me tell you, I am a bit cack handed, well heavy handed, I’ve never been one to be able to draw, I could never do bubble writing at school and when you’re 12 this is a big thing. Icing a cake is near enough impossible for me, anything delicate, me and my hands won’t do. So filling in perfect brows is something that just doesn’t happen. Now I used to not bother with my brows, I thought I could get away with not doing anything, but if you look back on my old blog posts and I recommend you don’t, you’ll see I have like two slugs on my face. Not good. There’s just something about brows I can’t do, so for my fellow brow novices, I’ve got the lowdown on how to pretend that you have okay brows, but without having to do too much to them.

Threading, Waxing or Plucking?

Lets start with shaping and hair removal. I can’t even pluck my brows, whenever I do , I end up looking terribly surprised, or that whole eyebrows are sisters not twins? Mine end up looking like questionable third cousins. You get my drift. When I was younger my Mum banned me from doing my own brows, after I once plucked them two miles apart from each other. Well you know what I shouldn’t of been born with a mono brow should I? Luckily my mum was a trained beauty therapist and waxed them for me. After years of waxing thankfully the monobrow is long gone, and my teen wolf days are behind me. When I moved out, obviously waxing wasn’t really an option anymore, so I started to get into threading. For less than a tenner, you can get perfectly shaped brows that stay in shape for a good 4/6 weeks. I used to just go to my local Superdrug, but now I go to a nearby salon to my work, it’s a couple of quid more expensive but at least I’m not sat in front of the till queue with chavs shouting ‘ I can see blood!.’ Yes that happened once, and no there was no blood. Knobs. So I stick to threading, and the salon I go to is lovely. Yes threading freaking hurts, and its the second thing I dread each month after ‘that time’ you get me? But hey no pain is no gain, and its usually one brow that hurts more than the other. But it’s worth it.

Let’s Fill Them In:

Okay so we can’t just get them threaded be on our merry way for four weeks unfortunately, although my brows are quite dark, they do need some help with filling in and evening out. So I have tried many products to try and get them looking a bit more polished. Lets start with brow pencils, something I find pretty hard to use, with my heavy hand I’m sure you can imagine the results. But the Soap & Glory Archery pencil has an angled tip which makes things a little easier, it’s also an ashy brown meaning no red tones. I’ve tried gel, and I got the Anastasia Dipbrow after seeing all the hype. I got dark brown, and I find this really hard to use! I just can’t seem to get on board with it, I think the colour may be a little too dark for me, but hey I’ll keep trying. But I’d stay away from this brow gel if you’re not an experienced filler in.

Next we move onto powders and brow mascaras. Brow mascaras are the brow products for the brow novices, so I love them. The Maybelline Brow Drama is great for filling in brows and setting them, if you add too much you will feel like you’ve got botox and it’s  a love/hate product. I loved it as I found it worked for me, but if you like your brows to be really filled in, I’d give this a miss. This is for natural looking brows. Next we have my current favourite brow product, Benefit’s Gimme Brow* is a brow mascara with a teeny tiny brush that you can’t really go wrong with, and comes in two colours, a light and dark brown, both fill your brows in perfectly, and doesn’t make your brows feel too heavy or sticky. Again brow pro’s you won’t need this, but brow novices, you’ll love this! It’s my must have brow product! Finally we move onto powder, recently I have been loving this Beauty UK Brow palette*, it’s £3.99!! And a right gem, it comes with three brow colours, a light ash brown, a dark brown and a real dark almost black brown. It also comes with mini tweezers which I may of lost and a wax which I don’t use. But the colours are great, I tend to use the second darkest brown with a Barry M angled brush which is the easiest brush to use to fill in your brows. I also use this palette for eyeshadow too, it’s a great multi purpose product! Currently I give my brows some shape with the Beauty UK palette with my Barry M angled brush, then set them with Benefit’s Gimme Brow. This works best for me at the moment!

Okay so phew, there’s my little brow rant over. Honestly though don’t be tempted to pluck them too thin, and getting a good shape through threading/waxing is the best starting base. I used to also tint my brows using an eylure kit, but tend to not bother anymore, but this is something you could also do! So there’s my favourite products for brow novices, what do you use to fill your brows in? And if you’re really good at brows can you come teach me please? Okay thanks.