New Barry M Summer Matte Collection

Matte nail polishes are a funny old product. You either love them or you hate them. Honestly, I used to hate them. I know, right? But then they grew on me. With a huge selection of matte shades now out there, it’s pretty easy to pick up your favourite colour in matte form, and Barry M have released their Summer Matte Range* showing us that matte’s aren’t just reserved for dark and moody colours.

With a whopping six new summer shades added to the collection, they are all bright and they all scream summer. With the colours being a step away from being neon, they tick all the boxes for holiday polishes. My favourite out of the lot is Miami Pink, as well as having an amazing name, it’s a bright coral toned pink. It reminds me of Flamingo Pink by Barry M, which was my favourite nail polish shade between the ages of 17-18, it was never off my nails, so it’s nice to see an old favourite re-vamped! All the colours are lovely though, though I’m not sure how I feel about the lime green. What I will say though, is that putting a top coat on top of these is when things start to get tricky. As then they turn into a regular nail polish. Barry M have also released a matte top coat, which now means that you can now add a top coat but still keep the matte-ness. Is that a word? Yes we’ll go with it. I found that the matte colours were more prone to chipping than the regular polishes, but it was nice to have a slightly different look on my nails. And after all these polishes are only £3.99, but just don’t expect super long lasting nails!