That Time I Went To See One Direction.

Thirteen months, is the time I’ve been waiting to see One Direction. Back in May 2013, June 2014 seemed a rather long way away, but the 7th of June finally arrived and it was time to go see One Direction at Wembley Stadium. Seeing as I’m turning 23 in a couple of weeks, I probably should know better when it comes to 1D, but what I can I say, I am a sucker for boy bands and I am slightly obsessed with these five boys. But hey I’m a total granny when it comes to most things so I’m allowed to act like a teenager about 1D.


Jeans: ASOS

Shoes: Primark (7 on the comfort scale!)

I didn’t know what to wear, and the weather was having a funny do on Saturday, thunder and rain one minute, to glorious sunshine the next. I opted for jeans and a vest top, that way I was covered. I also wore my new Primark wedges, a slightly risky plan but hey it kind of paid off in the end, as I could still walk by the end of the gig, although I may of jumped and danced like a lunatic for the majority of the show. The boys were amazing, Niall got the loudest screams, followed by Harry (most of them were mine) and Harry kept throwing water bottles into the crowd. The cheeky scamp. Liam was the best at talking, Zayn barely said a word and Louis was good at everything really, he can definitely rock the vest top that’s for sure.

It’s hard to choose a favourite song, but highlights were Happily, Story of my Life, Little Things and That’s What Makes You Beautiful. I danced, screamed and jumped around to my hearts content, I’m going to get a vlog uploaded this week of the night, and here’s a little screen shot of my excited face when the boys arrived on stage. Have you ever seen someone look so happy? Now I’m sad cause my wait for 1D is over… so now I guess I’ll have to just wait for the next tour. Did you go see 1D? Please tell me you screamed till your voice went croaky and it wasn’t just me 😉