The Only Highlighter You Need: MAC’s Soft & Gentle

MAC Soft and Gentle

Don’t you just love it when you re discover a gem in your make up collection? I reignited my love for MAC’s Soft and Gentle MSF a few weeks back and I have been pretty content in my highlighter choice of recent weeks. I usually don’t get on too well with powder highlighters, I find sometimes they don’t blend or make you look really cakey. But Soft and Gentle doesn’t do either of these, it blends so easily and leaves you with the most amazing glow.

It ‘s a pearly almost very light gold that is the perfect colour for getting that whole ‘lit from within look’ super cringe saying, I know, but you know what I meant. It photographs amazingly, and it’s just a product I can not get enough of. Yes it may be a bit pricey but you get a ton of product, like seriously I think I’ll still be wiping this on to my cheeks when I’m 80. Okay actually that’s a bit skanky, but you get my drift. It will last a long time. So if you are obsessed with highlighters and getting your glow on like I do, then you need this highlighter. Yes I am officially sending out a ‘this is a need product’ vibes. You have been warned. So go on then, as I can’t help myself, tell me your favourite highlighter… I suppose it can’t hurt to try just one more.