The Peachy Pink Lip Round up.

Do you know how hard it was to not name this post: ‘The peachy pink lip edit.’ But I know how much everyone hates that word so it now sounds like a title from a western film. Okay enough waffling, can you tell I haven’t eaten yet and I’m going a bit stir crazy? Right peachy pink lipsticks, they are a bit of an addiction for me, but hey at least I have kicked my super light nude lipstick addiction. Those days of looking like a corpse are way behind me. So I just thought you know with this sunnier weather making an appearance every now and then, why not talk to you about my current faves that are in rotation, or should I say ‘all thrown in my handbag, and I use which one I grab first?’ Doesn’t quite have the same ring does it?

Let’s start with the brightest of them all, the most daring: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Peach Club*, a dark muted peach which is quite bright, it’s not really pinky so I don’t know how it made this edit, I must of been feeling generous. But I like this colour as it adds a swash of colour when I’m feeling a bit drab. The staying power is pretty darn impressive and I know this colour will last till lunchtime when I apply in the morning. Next up we have, Benefit’s new Posie Balm*, intended to be paired with Posie Tint but I don’t have that so I’ve just been applying this as a balm, yes it doesn’t provide an awful lot of colour, but it adds a lovely tint and a nice sheen. This is a perfect summer/holiday lip product as you can apply a little for some colour, it smells amazing and is really light too.

Then we turn to an American import, this Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm in Charm, is a colour we don’t have here in the UK, grrr!! But I picked it up in Orlando after hearing a lot of raving words about this! It’s a nude peach, which may be a bit too light for some people, but I like it, it looks great with a tan, and is a perfect peach nude! Next is MAC’s Pure Zen, it’s replaced Shy Girl as my go to MAC lipstick, shock horror. It’s quite pink, with a little more coral, it’s basically Shy Girl’s brighter more sassier sister. Finally Bourjois Peach on the Beach colour boost lipstick is an old favourite, a brighter more pink offering, it hits that peachy pink nail on the head.

I love all of these colours so much, and use at least one of them every day! So let me know whats your favourite peachy pink offering?