The Ultimate Naughty Lunch: Burgers At Chalk Valley

One of my weaknesses is burgers. I used to not be that fussed by them, but these days, oh these days, I could eat burgers every single day. However if I did that I would the size of a house, so I have to keep my burger eating in check, ugh how boring. My colleagues at work can be quite persuasive when it comes to naughty lunches so when it was suggested to have a trip to Chalk Valley, a burger restaurant, I couldn’t exactly say no could I?

Chalk Valley is an artisan casual dining restaurant with all their burgers being grass fed and with most of the menu being organic and heavy processing, it’s all practically good for you. Or so I told myself. They do a lunch menu which for £6.50 you get a burger, the biggest pile of chips and a drink. Not too shabby. Of course it all comes down to taste and let me tell you, it was rather good. I paid an extra 75p for cheese on my burger, because you can’t have a burger without a bit of cheese. I don’t normally like thick burgers, but this was so yummy and had no bits. The chips were nice too, there were enough to feed an army or keep my rather big appetite happy.

We left Chalk Valley feeling full, (but not too full) and vowing to go back. The only problem with having a big lunch is you have to fight the temptation to nap at your desk all afternoon! Next on my list is 7Bone, another hugely recommended burger place in our area. Mmmmm can’t stop thinking about burgers.