Accessories: Ray-Ban Clubmasters Giveaway

Ray-Ban Clubmasters 3016*

I am so unadventurous when it comes to sunglasses. I just don’t seem to suit them, I can’t be the only one right? After what seems like wearing aviators all my life, I decided that this summer it was time to try something new, Ray-Ban’s Clubmasters still seemed pretty feminine and not too daunting so I have ditched my trusty aviators for them, scary. Henry said they make my face look round, ever the charmer, but I quite like them. I feel a bit vintage in them, I found myself pretending to smoke with a pen with a pearl necklace around my neck the other day. I realised I looked like a nutter and no way in fact like Audrey Hepburn. have very kindly offered to giveaway a pair of Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmasters to one of you guys too, so you can also pretend your Audrey Hepburn. All you need to do is three things.. Okay ready? First of all Like on Facebook, 2. Go on the website and let me know in the comments below which
pair of ClubMasters you would like (unto the value of £115) and then finally for an extra entry you can follow Dizzybrunette3 on Bloglovin. I will be running the giveaway for one week so you have until the 21st July to enter and then I’ll be contacting the winner who has been chosen at random!
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Good luck everyone 🙂