Budget Beauty: Beauty UK’s Glacier Gloss Range


 Beauty UK Glacier Gloss: Peach For The Sky & Pink Twice*

Every single summer, I always go through a lipgloss phase. There’s something you can’t beat about a glossy, light, fruity lip but you do always have to be careful that they’re not sticky. Where I live, it’s quite breezy for some reason, so there’s always two things I have to be careful of; A. that I don’t wear sticky lip glosses as hair, and wind do not go well together and having hair stuck to your face is really not a great look. B. to always wear shorts/good pants under dresses and skirts, or you will flash your bum to passing drivers and again not a good look. Thankfully these new Beauty UK Glacier Glosses are neither sticky or gloopy and are the perfect summer lip product.

With their release on 2nd July, Beauty UK have really upped their game lately. I love their brow palette and with most items being under the £5 mark, you quite literally get quite the bargain from the beauty brand which is in Superdrug. There are 10 shades in the collection with myself owning Peach For The Sky *ha funny name* and Pink Twice, which imo are the prettiest. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A PEACHY PINK LIPGLOSS? Peachy Pink and Barbie Pink are like two of my favourite lip colours, so these are just up my street. They give of a sheer colour enough to wear on their own and also look amazing layered over the top of lipsticks too. They don’t stay long on the lips as most lipglosses don’t so lets not hold it against them, they also have a fruity smell which is never a bad thing, unless you don’t like fruit and then it is a bad thing.

They’re pretty glossy, and you sometimes have to have a couple of applications as the wand doesn’t hold an awful lot of gloss but for £2.99 each, they are ruddy good. I love, love the colours, and I have been wearing them non stop since I’ve got them. With these and the Tanya Burr lipgloss range, I think I’m in for a summer of gloss!