Cheryl’s StormFlower Fragrance

StormFlower Fragrance 50ml* & StormFlower Body Wash*

A few weeks ago, a very exciting invite landed in my inbox. I won’t lie to you but I squealed and let out a little wee at the same time. TMI? Probably, but it was only an invite for formerly known Cheryl Cole’s fragrance launch. AH MY GAD. You all know of my love for Cheryl. A love so deep that I waited for nine hours on a cold October day to meet her, totally worth the wait though as it’s not everyday Cheryl says she likes your hair. Yep that one will definitely be on my tombstone. The 23rd July finally came round, and I booked the afternoon of work and tootled down to London to go to the launch of StormFlower. This is Cheryl’s debut fragrance, and I’m amazed she hasn’t done one before. She actually said at the launch that now was the perfect time, as previously she didn’t want to just put her name to a fragrance. Not just a pretty face, our Chezza is she?

The event was full of press and I wasn’t quite sure how I’d managed to get myself an invite, there was hoards of paparazzi outside and although the venue was super hot, we were served cocktails to cool down. Cheryl soon arrived and she walked straight past me as she glided in, I had to avoid the urge to stroke her, thanks to Laura, Katie and Sabrina for not judging my fangirl tendencies too much. Cheryl did an interview with Marvin Hulmes about the perfume and we were shown the advert and heard Cheryl talk about the fragrance. She said she wanted a ‘fresh’ fragrance, and the name StormFlower is inspired by that ‘fresh feeling after there’s just been a storm.’ Cheryl revealed she’d worked on everything, from the bottle design to even making sure the advert was different to the usual fragrance adverts and enlisted Rankin to help push the boundaries with dance. Even though I have met Cheryl in the flesh before, her beauty still astounds me. She is like a doll, so perfect. I’ve never been sure about her new blonde hair, but seeing it in the flesh, it looks amazing.

We were very kindly given our own bottle of StormFlower on our way out, I feel very lucky to have my hands on the perfume a whole month before it launches on 27th August. So I’ve been wearing it for the past few days and I have the lowdown on StormFlower. First of all, the bottle is completely different to anything I’ve ever seen before, it’s a delicate exotic flower design which is in gold. Cheryl said at the launch she loves gold, it’s very classy, and elegant. With no pink or tacky diamonds to be seen. There will be three sizes, a 30ml, 50ml (which I have) and a 100ml. They are all reasonably priced with the prices ranging from £23.95-£39.95 which I don’t think is bad for a perfume at all. There will also be an accompanying body wash (£14.95) and a shimmering body lotion (£17.95) I imagine come Christmas time, there will be a gift set with the three items in.

The perfume itself is a perfect day fragrance, it’s very fruity with notes of mandarin and nectarine yet it isn’t overly orange-y as you may expect, with floral notes from freesia’s and peach blossom, it’s a light modern smell, not smelling too heavy or old lady floral if that makes sense. There is also vanilla to add a sweet element, with white musk and sandalwood which brings an almost warm, musky smell to the perfume. The smell does remind me of something but I can’t put my finger on it, it’s different to the very sweet, fruity fragrance’s that I usually wear, and it has a more grown up smell than I imagined it would. The fragrance lasts all day, and in fact whenever I wear this a few hours later I can still smell it on me. I love this, as I hate when you can’t smell a perfume anymore. It’s very light, and perfect for daytime, the body wash adds the scent and I’d probably use this if I was going out in the evening for a more intense fragrance.

I have to say this perfume is so much more than what I was expecting, it’s elegant, it’s fresh, it’s a perfume that I think will shock a lot of people, it’s not the typical celebrity fragrance, this is something that the likes of Marc Jacobs or Viktor and Rolf could release. When this launches go give it a smell, like the One Direction perfume it will be totally different to what you’re expecting. StormFlower is released on August 27th and will be available from The Perfume Shop and Superdrug.

FYI: You may think I am just saying I like this perfume because it’s Cheryl’s. I promise you I am not, it’s a genuinely nice perfume that I would buy regardless of if it’s Cheryl’s or not! 


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