How To Get Big Hair On A Budget : Budget Beauty Week

Life is too short for flat hair. Yep that is pretty much my life mantra. I have tried many products over the years in the hope to achieve big, voluminous locks and thankfully I have found a couple of products that don’t only make your hair bigger than Cheryl’s but don’t break the bank too. Of course it’s not all about the products, but tools such as rollers, also help. My favourite Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers are usually discounted in lots of different places, but it does seem that Amazon is the best stockist these days. Where have all the rollers gone? But you can use these products with a regular curling iron/straighteners. My two favourite budget big hair products are L’oreal’s TXT styling spray, this adds texture to your hair and volume. It adds an almost grittiness to the hair meaning it’s easier to wave and curl. I tend to add this to my roots to get volume and then after curling add to my hair to get extra thickness creating a more voluminous look. It’s great for those days when your hair is looking a bit lank and lifeless.

My all time favourite big hair creating product is Batiste dry shampoo, as well as eradicating greasy roots, this spray adds volume like nothing else. Yes it needs rubbing in or you will look like your Aunt Ethel but it adds incredible volume that lasts all day. I also find that slightly dirty hair makes your waves and curls last a lot longer too. You don’t want to work for all that volume for it to fall out in a couple of hours. Both of these products are what I turn to when I’m having a flat hair day. Just juij up the roots for the rest of the day to get a refresh. Both are under a tenner, in fact maybe even a fiver and that is what I call good going. So what are you waiting for? Go get them and join the big hair crew 😉