Make Up Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette: Budget Beauty Week

Make Up Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette

I have an unhealthy love for my Urban Decay Naked palette, in fact one of these days I will have to buy a new one, as I have hit pan on most colours. Eeek. I am obsessed with neutral shimmery eye palettes, and not going to lie when a new one is released by one of my favourite brands, my heart does skip a beat! I was intrigued to hear about Make Up Revolution, a fairly new company who make high quality make up products but at a very low price. I was browsing the website as the brand won’t be in Superdrug till later this year *I think* and found myself soon making my first order.

On my list was one of the very well hyped eye palettes from the brand, although they do practically identical palettes to the Naked palette, I wanted one that was a little different. I settled for the Essential Shimmers palette, 12 neutral shimmer eye shadows? I’m in. With a shade with everyone, I was initially disappointed to find not as many gold colours as I hoped for, but hey for £4 I can’t complain too much. There’s a lot of pale shimmery colours, and some darker bronzy colours. Whilst you do have to give your brush a good dab into the colours, the pay off is pretty darn good. The lighter colours need building up, but they last all day once on, in fact whenever I go to wash my face in the evening my eyeshadow always looks fresh like I’d just applied it. Say whatttt? In fact when I went to get my eyebrows threaded, the lady said ‘your eyeshadow is beautiful.’ I have never had that said to me before, and that was using a £4 palette. 

Whilst I’m not sure if I should of gone for one of the other palettes, I’m suitably impressed with this palette, if you’re on a budget and fancy a change up in eyeshadows, then I’d recommend Make Up Revolution, you really can’t go too wrong.