Soap & Glory’s New Orangeasm Range

I’ve always been such a fan of the unique Soap and Glory smell that the majority of their products have. That almost sweet, marshmallowy scent is what I absolutely love about the products. So when I saw that S&G had released a new orange range, I didn’t know what to think. Of course this isn’t the first new scent that S&G have released, but this seems to be the first one that doesn’t have that sweet sugary scent alongside the new flavours. Orangeasm is purely a zesty orange scent, and if you don’t like oranges then you’d probably want to give this range a miss.

There’s three new products, a Revitalising Body Wash*, which is creamy, foamy and the perfect wash to use in the shower. The orange zesty smell awakens you in the morning, and is perfect for all sorts of washing even using as a foam for shaving your legs, and let’s be honest not all shower washes do that now do they? Next is the Super Rich Body Butter* which has tiny orange balls which are in fact Shea butter massage balls which burst and sink into your skin. The super creamy moisturiser rubs in super quickly and a little goes a long way. It also sinks in so quickly, with my skin just lapping it up. It also smells amazing and you can feel it on your skin all day, even in the evening my skin still feels moisturised after me applying over ten hours before! Finally in the range is the Super Tonic Fragrance*, a perfect scent for summer with citrus, mandarin, and mint to name a few tones. It’s really light and lasts all day. I use it as an all over body fragrance which is fresh and fruity, and also really light. For hot days the last thing you want is a heavy perfume!

I love all three of these new products, they are light yet moisturising and the scent is just perfect for a summer body range. Have you used the new Orangeasm range yet?