The Body Shop’s Instablur Primer

The Body Shop InstaBlur Primer*

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Pore Minimiser primer will always hold a special place in my heart. Is that statement a little weird to say about a primer? It probably is, but hey let’s roll with it. The tea tree primer is something I have been using for gosh, almost three years. I love the tingly fresh feeling it delivers to my face, the fact my pores are slightly smoothed over and the way it keeps sebum aka oil at bay through the day. (Hey I’m a poet!) Now I was pretty happy with my Tea Tree primer, we were quite literally sitting in a tree together, happy as larry. But then The Body Shop had to bring out a new primer didn’t they? One that has rocked the boat with myself and the tea tree primer. Sounds intriguing right?

Instablur is a new primer from The Body Shop, it’s got ingredients such as Fair Trade Marula Oil and is advertised as ‘the face perfecter’ it smoothens over pores, helps to hide blemishes, keeps oil at bay, balances your complexion and helps your make up to last longer. Now I have been trying this primer for a good few weeks now, and at first I doubted it could ever knock my beloved Tea Tree primer off the top spot, but I’ll tell you a secret.. it has. Now let’s start, with something I will say, that this primer is probably better of for oily/combination skinned ladies. If you’ve got dry/normal skin, this may not do a lot for you. Now this primer is quite a funny texture, with quite a silicone feeling, it’s a clear gel that you rub onto your face before foundation. I find that whilst it does smoothen everything out, it doesn’t really hide blemishes (but let’s be honest my blemishes are monsters) but my pores look smoother, and it mattifies my skin.

Now that isn’t where the magic ends, I am an oily skinned gal. And right now with this kind of nice weather we have been having, 25 degree heat and oily skin is usually a recipe for disaster. By lunchtime my make up usually resembles what can only be described as ‘the face melting’ look. It’s really attractive as I’m sure you can imagine. However with the Instablur my face still looks pretty much in place, in fact even in the heat, after a slightly sweaty fast walk to work and then after sitting at my desk for a few hours, I don’t even need to powder. Say what? Usually I have to powder 2/3 times a day, not out of choice, but hey there’s the dewy look and then there’s the greasy look, needs must. But I have found myself powdering once a day at the very most, which is just incredible. My make up also lasts longer, by the end of the day, it’s all still there on my actual face looking like it did at 8am. So whilst the Instablur hasn’t made my skin look like Miranda Kerr’s it has made my skin less oily and it has kept my make up looking fresher for longer and it has double the effect that the Tea Tree primer has on oil and make up longetivity. If you’re oily skinned like myself, then I’d say it’s worth the £15 price tag, but normal/dry skin types you probably don’t need this. So my Tea Tree primer has been put away, *well for now as you just can’t keep some things apart.*