Style: My Favourite Accessories

I’ve never been a huge one for jewellery. I went through a phase of wearing ridiculously big rings during the age of about 16-18 and then last year, I was loving statement necklaces. Lately, I’ve been going for more subtle accessories, is this a sign I am becoming grown up? I thought I would show you, exactly what jewellery I wear most days, and in a strange twist of fate, I am all about the gold right now!

First of all we have my new baby, my Micheal Kors watch. I have been wanting a proper watch for sometime now, and I decided a few months ago, I wanted a gold watch, and I was supposed to buy one when I went to America earlier in the year. Anyways, I ended up not having enough money, lol whoops, so the watch had to wait. With this in mind, I decided that if i was lucky enough to receive any birthday money, I would spend it on a watch. I always end up just putting birthday money into my savings, and never actually spending it, so I thought ‘you know what, I’m going to treat myself!’ I bought my watch from Ernest Jones, and it was in the sale which was even better 🙂 although it took me a while to get used to this big gold thing on my wrist, I feel lost without it now. I also feel that the watch adds a bit more to a boring outfit, although I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, I love it.

I have been going through a phase of loving dainty necklaces, I think paired with a v-neck top they look really nice. Astrid & Miyu are one of my favourite jewellery brands, as they always sell really lovely jewellery that is a little different to other jewellery on the high street. I love this charm necklace* as it’s really dainty but the diamante charm really stands out still. Definitely my favourite necklace at the moment.

We may as well continue the Astrid & Miyu love, and this ring, is something I’ve also been wearing a lot of lately. It’s a midi ring* on me, but then again I do have sausage fingers! I love the gold and diamante design which still looks really delicate and classy. Although I tend to not wear this every day as the amount of midi rings I have lost, I could probably count on two hands and this is way too pretty to lose. So this is reserved for more special occasions!

Finally I’ve been getting a bit more adventurous with my sunglasses, prior to these, I was an aviators girl through and through, and although they will always be my favourite style, I have been enjoying using these RayBan Clubmasters. I wasn’t sure at first if they’d suit me, but I actually really like them, and although Henry said they gave me a round face (rude) but I really like them. I feel they’re a bit more classier than aviators, and I literally can’t stop wearing them!

So that’s my current favourite jewellery pieces, I’m really getting into more delicate pieces and I’m sure my collection will be added too very soon 🙂