Video: Back To School Hair Tutorial


Been a bit of a slacker in the past week with blog posts, I’ve been a pretty busy bee with work and all so unfortunately blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Do you ever lose your blogging mojo and just literally can’t sit in from the laptop to write? Well that’s what I’ve had! However hopefully some things will be changing soon, so I can get myself more organised and back into a regular routine! I managed to get some videos filmed over the weekend *hoorah* and one of them was a back to school hair tutorial video. I think that schools are going back pretty soon here in the UK and when I was at school I always wanted to try new hair styles that weren’t too complicated or took much time. After all every minute of sleep is precious!! I’ve done a video showing three hair styles that I do when I haven’t got a lot of time, or can’t really be bothered. There’s a messy french, but not french braid, a messy quiff and a messy fishtail plait. When I can’t be bothered to curl my hair, I always turn to one of these hair styles!

I hope you like the video, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with new blog posts! I have been quite good with videos though, and I’m going to try keep up the twice a week videos, so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out. Well you won’t be missing out much but y’know you catch my drift! If you are going back to school soon, I wish you loads of luck and hopefully it isn’t too boring!!