Blogger Problems

Last week marked my four year blog anniversary. Or can I call it blogversary? Yes that is what it’ll be known as from now on. I was thinking of posts to do about my four years blogging and then thought no one would probably be arsed, if I waffled on about how blogging has changed my life over the past four years and all that soppy stuff. With this in mind, I have compiled a little post all about funny blogger/vlogger problems that I have encountered over the past four years of writing my blog and having a YouTube channel. Of course it’s all very tongue in cheek, but I hope you enjoy the post. Also can you tell I bloody love gifs? 

When someone says “Oh I’m going to start a blog to just get freebies.”

When you get emails that say: “Hey. why don’t you blog about this really interesting infographic? For free?” 

When your video is going to take 273684687 minutes to upload

When your camera runs out of battery whilst filming

You take outfit photos then realise your flies are undone in the photos. 

You edit your blog photos and they’re all out of focus

When someone says that writing a blog and making YouTube videos isn’t hard work.

When you’re trying to photograph products and they keep rolling around everywhere

Wanting to use a new product but you’ve not photographed it yet. 

 When auto correct keeps changing glowy to blowy. WHY WOULD I CALL A HIGHLIGHTER BLOWY? 

When a friend/family member says you ‘don’t need any more make up’ 

Your Macbook/Laptop is out of disk space after only editing three videos. 

The fear of wasting a good outfit/make up on an insignificant day

Editing make up photos and always having that one piece of hair in your face (Thanks to Sarah for this) 

Having a photo session, taking around 500 and only 5 make the cut. 

When your lipstick looks a different colour in photos to what it does in real life. 

*any excuse for a Harry gif*

So come on, what’s your blogger problems? 


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