Current Drugstore Favourites

I love nothing more than finding new drugstore gems. I’m always on the lookout for good budget beauty products, and browsing the aisles of Boots is literally one of my favourite past times. Lately I’ve been trying out some drugstore products that I’ve been really liking. I haven’t bought a high end product in a while, tho I won’t lie, I am coveting pretty much the whole Charlotte Tilbury range right now! Anyway, I have a few products that I wanted to tell you about that I’ve been really liking and they’re all pretty gentle on the purse strings too.

L’oreal True Match Foundation: Let’s start with base. Every blogger and their gran has been talking about this foundation lately, and I gave into the hype and purchased it. I managed to get it in a shade too pale for my skin so when I apply this, I literally have to trowel on the bronzer or I look like Casper the ghost. Anyway I wasn’t sure on this foundation at first, I find it to be medium coverage and then quite a matte finish. I usually like something quite glowy and it just wasn’t cutting it for me. However fast forward a few weeks and my skin has got a lot more oilier, and with the season changing, I’ve been preferring something a bit more matte. So I dug it out again and I’ve been liking it. It’s not knocking my socks off but it’s a nice little foundation. I don’t want to throw my hands up in an emoji style about it, but it does the job and is one of the better drugstore foundations, I’ve used.

Maybelline: The Eraser Concealer: So this concealer is sold on being a concealer for under the eyes, and that’s what I bought it for. However the lightest shade was out of stock so I got the medium which is just too warm for under my eyes. I like a light concealer for under the eyes to brighten them up, so I’ve been using this on my face instead. It’s pretty high coverage, is very creamy to blend in and pretty much lasts all day if you powder on top of it. I’ve been pretty impressed as my Nars Creamy Concealer has run out *sob* and this is doing a pretty good job at replacing it! I’m tempted to get the light one now as an under eyes concealer!

Gosh: Forever Eyeshadow Pencil: Light Copper: This was a total random find whilst I perusing Superdrug one day. I love a pencil eyeshadow and this one requires no sharpening which is always a winner! This colour is described as a light copper but I’d say it’s more of a gold/bronze colour. It’s the perfect base for a bronzy smokey eye and is so pigmented and creamy. I’ve been really enjoying using this pencil and now need to go pick up all the other colours in the collection!

L’oreal Color Richie Mono Eyeshadow: 205: These eye shadows have been doing the rounds recently, but I also found these randomly in Boots a little while ago. I picked up this gold glittery shade and it is amazing. Now this I will throw my hands up in an emoji style. It’s pigmented, buttery and the glitter doesn’t fall down on your face and form a glittery moustache. Let’s just applaud this eyeshadow. If you’re in the line for a budget neutral eyeshadow definitely check out the range as I literally want them all. I won’t though as I don’t want to be greedy and after all I only have two eyes!

L’oreal SuperLiner: I love the L’oreal liquid eyeliner range, and this one is a forgotten favourite, the brush is super easy to use, and the formula is so black and lasts all day! It’s not completely matte, it’s one of those more shiny liquid eyeliners, but it’s great for adding a bit of a drama to a smokey eye!

So these are my current drugstore favourites, what are you loving right now?