Eat: The Diner in Camden

As I mentioned in my catch up post last week, back in September I was lucky enough to win tickets to the iTunes festival. Held at The Roundhouse in Camden, and I now know the pavement really well outside after sitting on it for FOUR hours. The things I do to get at the front of gigs, I tell ya. I dragged my sister along to the concert with me, and I thought after screaming in her ear all night and shouting ‘OMG LUKE! HI ASHTON!’ all night we should probably go for a nice breakfast the next morning to make up for it. 

We stayed at The Holiday Inn at Camden Lock as it was one of the cheapest around (hey I have a dog to feed) and one of the closest hotels to the venue. I would totally recommend it btw, very clean, and was so close to everything! It’s also on a road with loads of restaurants but The Diner caught our eye and we knew we had to go for breakfast there. Both me and my sister are suckers for American style breakfasts, and this one didn’t disappoint. 

I said to my sister, ‘hey take a picture of me drinking my drink.’ She takes picture then says, 

‘ I need to take one again and stop pulling that stupid face.’ 

So this is me without a ‘stupid face.’ 

We sat in a booth, and ordered a chocolate milkshake (Hayley’s choice) and I had an Iced Latte. The milkshake was so thick, it literally an ice cream drink rather than a milk shake, and my Iced Latte was really nice and sweet. I’m not a fan of iced coffee when it’s really bitter. We then ordered our food, I went for pancakes and maple syrup and Hayley went for French Toast. We were served really quickly and in true American style, the portions were huge. I think I managed to eat one and a half pancakes before admitting defeat ( I obviously need to man up) and Hayley said her french toast was really nice, and loved that they’d used cinnamon in the seasoning. The pancakes were quite cripsy on the outside but really fluffy inside, I do love a fluffy pancake. Hayley did manage to eat more than me, but maybe I was still over excited from the night before lol. 

This is me and my sister Hayley 🙂 

We left feeling full, and ready to walk it off round Camden Market 🙂 We had such a lovely time away in Camden, and though it was a short break it was so nice to spend some time with my sister and explore a part of London that we’d never been too before! 

So seeing as I love American breakfasts, in your opinion where does the best pancakes? 


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