Frankie’s Pamper Day

Hi guys, it’s me Frankie here. If you don’t know who I am, then get out.

I am just joking, I am a dog, a labradoodle and today I have taken over the reigns of this blog to tell you all about my visit to The Groom Room at Pets At Home. My Mum/owner got an email from Pets At Home, telling her all about their new grooming services in selected Pets At Home branches, which is totally my favourite shop btw. I love it so much that I tried to do a wee last time I was in there. Hehe.

Being a labradoodle, I’m quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming, I need to be brushed once a day, thought I don’t like this and will run away from my Mum when she comes out with the brush. Ha I’m such a lad. I also can get quite matted with my fur so after a couple of months since my Dad went loose with the clippers on me. ( I looked like a shorn sheep I tell ya for the whole of August) we thought it might be a good idea to visit The Groom Room to get me all pampered for Autumn.

This is me before and after. 

We went to the Andover branch, and the lady there was really nice. She asked what I’d like to have done, sadly my mum said no to a bright blue Mohican that I suggested, so she and my Dad made the decision. Boring! I was a bit anxious, because I don’t like not being with my owners, but the lady was really nice and calm and after my owners went, I started to feel a bit better and started to enjoy my pamper session.

I was bathed, dried, had my nails clipped and was clipped. I was just trimmed as it’s getting colder and I didn’t want to lose my fluffy jumper, they also trimmed around my face so I could see again and had a general tidy up. I was all done in two hours, and my owners came back to collect me. They were really impressed with how I looked, and how soft I felt. I tell ya, if I could stroke myself, I would’ve done!

(This is me jumping for joy at how good I look) 

Gosh I’m good looking.

My owners were really impressed with how speedy The Groom Room were grooming me, and how efficient and good value the service was. We’ve been to groomers before who have made me stand all day to be groomed, or have had waiting lists for about 63327327 years. I think we’ll definitely go back to The Groom Room and Pets At Home, even sent some nice products to use when it’s bath time. I tell you, the Pet Head Strawberry conditioner smells yummy enough to eat. I did try to eat it and it tasted very soapy so don’t actually eat it.

Now I’m going to leave the laptop as I have some important business to attend to; chasing my own tail.

Lots of love Frankie x


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