Having a Quarter Life Crisis

I had an almost quarter life crisis (almost because I’m technically two years away from being 25) back in August and it resulted in me quitting my job. lol. Okay well not really lol, but this is a little post for anyone going through the same thing and hopefully will make you smile (and also any use for me to use gifs.) These a few things that happened when I had my quarter life crisis.

Suddenly not knowing what you want to do with your life.

What you expect when you graduate from university.

What actually happens. 

Realising you’re living for the weekend and counting down the minutes to every Friday.

 Your Facebook timeline is full of babies and weddings. Whilst I’m over here with a spoon in the Nutella jar.

 Then feeling in no way ready for kids. This is the girl who thinks Nutella is a nutritious meal.. ( IT HAS HAZELNUTS IN!)


 Suddenly wanting a tattoo (or adding to the collection)


Wanting to go travel the world.


Thinking of a new career path you could possibly take.  I’LL DANCE WITH MY DOG AND WE’LL MAKE MILLIONS.


Whenever someone mentions mortgages.


Realising you’re not 18 anymore and you’re actually in your 20’s, WHERE HAVE THE YEARS CREEPED UP FROM?

Suddenly thinking that every celebrity is younger than you. WHAT DO YOU MEAN KYLIE JENNER WAS BORN IN 1997.


Realising you probably should stop having a crush on the members of 1D. NAH NEVER.



Your horror when you realise soon, that if you entered X Factor you’d be in the Overs category.


When you realise your metabolism has slowed down.


 You say stuff that sounds exactly like something your parents would say. WHEN DID I GET SO WISE.


Hangovers are now a three day affair.




Then the best thing?

Suddenly not giving a shit about what other people think.

Jokes aside. Going through a mini quarter life crisis blimming scared me. You feel alone and confused and you’re not sure what to do at all. Like I said above, I ended up quitting my job as I realised I was very miserable and felt that being miserable at 23 wasn’t on. For the first time in ages, I feel like I’m on the right track and feel more content again. If you’re feeling like this, it doesn’t last forever but use it as something to evaluate what’s going on, and see what makes you happy. Honestly life is too short to be unhappy, especially when we’re only young. ( See I know we’re not old really)


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