Kylie Jenner Lipstick Dupes

 So I will hold my hands up, I have a massive girl crush on Kylie Jenner right now. Like seriously when did she get so cool? It makes me sad that when I was 17, I was no where near as cool and instead failing driving tests rather than posting cool instagram pictures. Anyways, of course one of the main talking points about Kylie, is ‘those lips.’ Of course the rumour mill is in overdrive about whether she’s had them done or not, honestly I don’t think she has. I think it’s all down to lip liner, and to be honest if she wants to draw on her lips then why not.

Her signature look is plump lips in a nude toned brown which is very 90’s and had us all wondering what exact shade she has been using. After doing some Sherlock detective work, I found that she uses MAC Whirl lip liner, MAC Soar Lip liner and MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick. However when I went to MAC to buy these products, the lady told me that basically most of MAC has sold out of Whirl and Velvet Teddy because of Kylie. I still got Soar, but went on a mission to find alternatives to Kylie’s look and I’ve managed to find a few options that are actually a bit kinder on the purse strings! Wahoo.

Swatches: L-R- Rimmel Spice Liner, Mac Soar, Soap and Glory Supernude and Maybelline Nude Perfection. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner: Spice: This a warm toned brown nude colour, I think it’s super flattering on my skin tone and I’ve been using it to fill in my whole lips as I really love the colour. It’s a matte finish so lasts a pretty long time and is so cheap at only £2.99! I know right? That’s a lot cheaper than a £12.50 lip liner from MAC! This lip liner is also really easy to use if you did want to slightly over line your lips ala Kylie style.

MAC Soar Lip Liner: So this is apparently one of the products that Kylie uses herself. This is probably the most pink out of my picks, it’s a warm almost dusky pink mauve colour, it’s again really flattering but can be quite dark when you build up. It’s a nice daytime colour for Autumn/Winter as it’s nude but a little darker and not as peachy as the usual nude lipsticks I wear!

 Do you know how long it took me to get the ‘perfect’ Kylie pose? Blooming ages! This is me over lining my lips with Rimmel Spice and MAC Soar lipliner. 

Left Picture is Rimmel Spice Liner all over my lips and Soap & Glory SuperNude Lipstick. 

Right is Rimmel Spice with Maybelline Colour Drama lip Pencil in Nude Perfection. 

Soap & Glory: Matte Lipstick: Supernude*: I’ve had this lipstick in my collection for a little while but thought it was a pretty good dupe for the nude brown colour that Kylie wears. It’s a matte lipstick but not completely matte and drying, you can always powder it though for a completely matte finish! It’s a warm toned nude which leans to the slight more brown side. I thought I would include a lipstick in case you didn’t want to use lip liners as they can be quite drying! I’m sure there are lots of lipsticks that are similar to this colour but this is what I’ve been using and I tend to line and fill my lips in with the Rimmel Spice liner and then go over the top with this lipstick.

Maybelline: Colour Drama Lip Pencil: Nude Perfection: A new addition to my Kylie line up, but this lip pencil from Maybelline caught my eye on a recent trip to Boots. Matte and the perfect warm toned nude it’s a mixture between the lip liner and lipstick that I have been using for the Kylie look! It’s quite soft and creamy meaning it won’t drag on your lips, however I will recommend using a lip balm if you have dry lips before using a product like this!

How To Get Bigger Lips: Of course we don’t know if Kylie has had fillers or not, like I said I don’t think she has, if you want your lips to look bigger, I would say you can over fill your lips with lip liner but I wouldn’t recommend going overboard as it can look quite obvious! I would say just go over the top of your lip line and make it quite thick, take your time and just go over the shape of your lip line. This will give your lips a fuller effect without being too much. If you also focus on the middle of your lips and then add a highlighter to your cupids bow this will give the illusion of fuller lips without even having to over fill them 🙂 you can also get plumping gloss, such as one from Soap and Glory which does make your lips sting a bit so be aware!

However, I’m pretty sure you all have luscious lips anyways, and to be honest I have just been digging the nude colour that Kylie has been wearing, so for now I will be putting down the lip liner as to be honest I look more like Miranda Sings than Kylie! ( You can see that in action in my Kylie Jenner make up tutorial which will be uploaded on to my YouTube channel a little later!) Are you digging Kylie’s look? Have you found any good dupes for her lip shade?


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