Lush Halloween 2014

 If you ever want to find a beauty blogger/vlogger, you will probably find one sniffing the bath bombs in Lush. If David Attenborough did a nature programme on us beauty bloggers, Lush would be called as our natural habitat along with Boots. I know that everyone is loving Lush this autumn, which is good because it’s always been a shop that I have loved and somewhere I go to either treat myself or friends and family. Now let’s be honest who doesn’t love a bath? Okay I know there’s a fair few people out there who don’t but I do. I love relaxing and unwinding in a bath, and whenever I used to have a bad day at work, the promise of a bath that night always gave me something to look forward to. Of course regular bubble bath is so boring and so 2013, it’s all about bath bombs and Lush’s Autumn/Winter collection is going to knock your socks off.

Wizard’s Hat: This is a limited edition bubble bar just until Halloween, so make sure you get this before the 31st! This is one that instead of dumping in the bath to do it’s magic, you sprinkle under the water to create hoards of bubbles, and leaves your bath with a purple tinge. With tangerine oil and juniper berry, this is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day, you could say the wizard will magic away your problems! 

Uses: 2-3, I’d split the bubble bar up so you can use it more than once 🙂

Price: £3.25

Fairy Ring Soap: This soap is made with fresh mushrooms which definitely sounds a bit strange. But these shittake mushrooms are perfect for a hand soap and they antibacterial and are said to improve blood circulation! Other ingredients include Jasmine and Ylang Ylang meaning whenever you use this, your bathroom is full of the most amazing scents. 

Uses: 10+ 

Price: £4.10

Sparkly Pumpkin: This is another bubble bar that will really transform your bath from a normal bath to a glitter ball! This one is going to leave your bath with a serious showering down afterwards, I tell ya. Okay granny mode off, this is seriously fun. Crumble it under the taps to unleash orangey bubbles with scents of lime and grapefruit, it’s very fresh and citrusy.
Uses: 2-4- Either split this into half or quarters to make your sparkly bath last!
Price: £3.50

Lord Of The Misrule: This earthy bath bomb will be one for those who may not like the sweet scents that many other bath bombs posses. With patchouli and black pepper oil, it may not be for everyone, but the way it fizzles and oozes different colours into the bath water is pretty cool! It also has popping candy inside it. I know, right?
Uses: 1
Price : £3.50

Northern Lights: Described as the fireworks of the bath bomb world, this purple stick definitely packs a punch in your bath. Spinning in the water, it unleashes an array of colours such as blues and neon greens and even a few mini stars! With ylang ylang and jasmine, it’s perfect for a bath time before bed to relax you before slipping into slumber!
Uses: 1
Price: £3.50

Sparkler: Another firework bath bomb, the sparkler is citrusy based with Sicilian lemon oil and rose oil, with of course popping candy thrown in too for good measure!
Uses: 1
Price: £3.50

So there we have it some of the Halloween/winter collection from Lush, I still popped in the other day and picked up a few other bath bombs so look out for those appearing on the blog very soon! What’s your favourite Lush bath bomb?