New: Remington Silk Heated Rollers

The Remington Silk Rollers*

You guys know, I love big hair. I mean my blog line is ‘life is too short for flat hair’ and it’s really true.  I’ll tell you a secret though, seeing as it’s you lot. But getting big hair can sometimes be a struggle for me. Having long thick hair can be a bit of a nightmare for volume as it’s so heavy, however after years of trying to get big hair and quite literally back combing the life out of my hair, I worked out the best tools to use to get big hair, and that is heated rollers.

I’ve waffled on enough about the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers enough times over the years, but recently they’ve proven hard to find, so I was really happy to hear that Remington were introducing some new heated rollers to their already successful silk styling range. I already have a wand from the silk collection, and it’s such a good product. I was excited to see how the rollers would fare and if they would compare to the Enrapture rollers. I have to say they completely live up to them and I have even ditched them to make way for the new Remington Silk Rollers*.

The Remington rollers, heat up in 90 seconds and can create curls in your hair within five minutes, which is great if you’re in a rush or haven’t got a lot of time in the morning. I tend to leave the rollers in for 15 minutes each morning as I have quite a lot of hair and it needs to be heated for a little while for it to stay in place all day. The rollers are velvet so they glide out of your hair, unlike velcro rollers that I have tried in the past! The clips are also really sturdy as I have used rollers that the clips are so flimsy they barely stay in my hair, so these are great for staying in place. My hair is always left big, curly and wavy. With a mixture of smaller and larger rollers for waves and tighter curls you can create the perfect mix of curls that you want for your hair. I always put the bigger rollers through the top of my hair for volume and the smaller rollers for tighter curls in the lengths of my hair.

I find that these rollers are really easy to use, they may take a little while to master but once you’ve got it, you can have big hair in a matter of minutes! They’re so speedy to use and would be perfect for using once party hair season is upon us nearer Christmas, as you could take them with you to work quickly heat them up for a quick hair re fresh!

 I’ve been really impressed with these rollers, and it’s good to find a cheaper and as good a alternative to the Enrapture rollers! I have been using these every day, I just need Remington to make a travel set now 😉


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